The Secret to Making Your Facebook Marketing Work

Making Facebook Work

Imagine for a moment that it’s one year from now and you have a Facebook Marketing Machine bringing you a steady flow of prospects and customers on autopilot!

Looks good, doesn’t it? I bet it feels good too!

You’re not worried about where your next customer is coming from. They just show up in your world, and better yet they’re excited about doing business with you!

What does it take to make this happen?

To start with, it takes the desire to have it happen and the commitment to do it. There are going to be times when it feels like everything is going wrong and nothing is working. If you’re going to get through this, you have to be committed to the results.

Once you have the commitment, it only takes three other pieces to make Facebook start working for you.

First, the technical set up:

You need a Facebook business page, pixels on your website, landing pages to use, audiences to talk to, and different ad types running to people at the different stages of your Facebook funnel.

All of this can be hired out and implemented fairly easily by someone who knows how to use Facebook for marketing and to be honest, the setup is almost the same for most businesses.

Now, while it can be done fairly easily it will take some time. Usually between a day and a week depending on how complex the setup is. There may be some tweaking afterward, but the key components stay the same.

Second, the strategy:

If you just start running ads and don’t have a plan for how you’re going to take the new prospects and turn them into customers, you’re going to find Facebook an expensive tool to use.

With the right strategy, Facebook can become an important part of your marketing toolbox.

There are several strategies you can use and they all work, but you’ll find one or two that work best for YOUR business and at achieving YOUR business goals.

The best way to develop your strategy is to talk with someone familiar with Facebook. If you’d like to schedule a Free Facebook Marketing Blueprint call you can go to

Third, your Message:

This is the difference maker.

While the technical setup can be done by anyone with the technical ability, what will change your results is the message you are conveying and the offer you make.

Our most successful clients have their message dialed into their audience. They understand what their audience wants from them and they communicate it clearly.

And better yet they have offers that their most profitable customers want to consume.

Some of these are free giveaways to entice new customers; others are low cost “tripwire” offers that get people to move from being a “looker” to being a customer. Other offers are higher priced core offers that fuel their business, move first time buyers into multi-buyers, and create advocates for their company.

With your message dialed in and communicated clearly to your Facebook audiences, you’ll have a system that brings you prospects and customers on auto-pilot.

Make sure you have all three.

If you miss any of the three components, you’ll find you’re your Facebook Marketing Machine won’t be working like you had hoped and if you’re missing two out of the three, Facebook is going to be a time suck and expensive way to market.

It’s my mission to help entrepreneurs and their teams profit from Facebook; either by teaching them how to set up their own system or by doing everything for them.

For more information on our complete Done With You Facebook Funnel Program Click Here.

For more information about our Done For You Facebook Program Click Here. With the Done For You option you provide Go Social Experts with the basic information and we do everything for you.

With a bit of planning ahead of time, you too can be one of the Facebook success stories.

For an in-depth look at a complete Facebook marketing system looks like, sign up for my FREE Masterclass on Facebook marketing: Go Social Experts Facebook Marketing Masterclass. This Free class is a 5-day video course with a video each day, which goes into detail about each of the five steps for creating a profitable Facebook marketing machine.

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Have a great day.