The Secret to Working Slower and Getting More Done

My younger self would never believe this, and by younger, I may not mean that many years younger than I am now.

In the past, I believed that the longer and harder you worked the better. My goal for the past 2 years has been to get my work week down to 50 hours a week.

I’ve recently started working with a new client who has a different approach and who is one of the top performers in his field.

What is the secret he uses?

It’s to work slower to get more done.

Believe me, this is a stretch for me.

What does that look like and how can it work?

First, he works at a relaxed pace. He focuses on what he needs to do now and he gets it done and then moves on to the next task.

He rarely seems rushed and seems to enjoy life and he gets stuff done.

On my first call with him, I remember signing off thinking it was going to be interesting working with him.

In the past, most of my calls ended with a long list of items that I need to do as well as what my client had to get together.

This call was different. We worked at a slower pace and both of us had 1 or 2 items to take care of.

I remember thinking this is going to take forever.

Then at the start of our next call, everything was done and we looked at the next step and evaluated what we needed to do and selected 2 tasks and got started.

Beginning of next call the same results, everything that we need is done and we’re on to the next step.

Over the few months we’ve been working together, we are further along in our plan than anticipated and we’ve been more relaxed doing it. Which, to my surprise, I find to be more enjoyable.

I’ve started moving this process into my work and into my work with other clients.

I find it’s still a struggle for me.

My mind runs fast and I create to-dos and other action items easily.

Now I write down what comes up, go back to getting done what is needed first, and then go back to the list.

Changing to this system is a process and an ongoing struggle for me, but as I’m implementing it, I’m having more fun, living a more relaxed life, and . . .

Getting more stuff done.

This may seem simple to you, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.

What to do:

  1. Make a list of everything you need to do.
  2. Organize it by what needs to be done first.
  3. Start on that task and work on it until you are done or can’t go any further.
  4. Take the next task off your list and do the same
  5. Stop when your work day is over. (This can be hard for some of us. Remember you want harmony in your life)
  6. The next day pick up where you left off.

Give it a try, who knows what will happen.

Have a great day!

Brian “Living the relaxed life” Hahn

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