There are seasons…

Do you remember a time when everything that you tried worked? Every offer, every promotion, every new service, every new team member …

Hopefully, you are there now.

Or do you remember a time when nothing seemed to work like planned, every offer, every promotion, every new service, every new team member …

Hopefully, you’re not here now.

Or maybe somewhere between these two.

When you’ve been in business for several years and you look back, you’ll find both of these times in your past. While it’s more fun when everything works, the key to surviving and growing is knowing how to get through the times when nothing seems to work like expected. It’s these times when you want to quit and get a job that makes the difference.

You try different things.

You have to figure out how to stay excited about work and what you’re doing.

And you have to keep your team focused and productive.

All of the above is challenging when nothing seems to work.

However, the lessons and skills you’re learning will serve you in the future.

What does this have to do with marketing?

There are going to be times when your marketing isn’t working as you want it to. What do you do? Do you stop everything and just use the one or two things that work? Or do you move forward gathering data and adjusting? Click here for last week’s article where I go into this in more depth on this subject.

The key to your future growth is how well you handle this.

Lately, I’ve been taking on new challenges and the other morning getting out of the shower I thought, maybe I should just stop all of this and go back to what we were doing.

We were successful at it and why put myself through these challenges?

Then I thought but what we were doing was getting easy and while it was successful, not to the degree that I wanted it to be so no, I will not be going back. I just need to know that I’m going to have to work a little harder and test different methods and activities and see what works, make adjustments and do it all over again.

When I’m rested and ready I’m always excited by that process. But later in the day, like most others, I can be drained by the challenge.

How about you?

Do you put your head down and figure out what to do or do you go back to doing the same old thing?

Sometimes getting through a challenging time means hiring someone who has skills you don’t have. If you’re looking for help with Facebook and online marketing reach out to me and set up a free Discovery Call. Click Here to schedule a time. Make sure when you do you fill out the form on the thank you page. This helps me be prepared for our call.

Have a great day!


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