Things Change – Can You Handle It?

As you’ve probably experienced in your life, things change.

You get everything working just like you want and then something changes.

Now the change might be a really positive event. Your business sells a new product and it grows quickly or you start a new marketing campaign that is very effective and your sales grow exponentially.

This can still cause stress in your business and life.

A little while back after running my first marathon, I wrote an article about systems and how the system I expected to be a challenge really wasn’t. Click Here to read the article.

I stated that what I thought was going to be the problem in running my first marathon wasn’t an issue at all, but something unexpected was.

I had so much fun running that marathon that I decided to train for a 2nd, but I want to run it much faster. I’m looking to cut 1 minute per mile off my time.

That means I need to average 9 minutes per mile for the entire run.

To get to this level, I have to change my training. The goal of my first marathon was to finish. My second one is to finish in less than 4 hours.

I’ve started my new training plan, and do you know what?

A different system in my body is being stressed the most. During my marathon, this system didn’t seem to be stressed at all, but now that my goal is different and my training has changed, I’m dealing with different issues.

The changes I’m making are all about reaching a new goal. Sure, it’s one that I set but it’s causing discomfort.

What about in your business?

Signing that new big client, what systems need to evolve?

Creating an online marketing campaign that is bringing in a steady flow of leads that become customers and clients, what needs to change to effectively handle them?

What system is stressing your business?

Many times when I talk about change or I hear others talking about change, it’s how it’s forced on us and how stressful it is.

What about the change we bring into our lives so we can grow and reach our goals?

This can be stressful too, even though we’re getting what we want.

Take a look at what’s causing you stress in your business and figure out what kind of system upgrade you need to make it go away.

If it’s a lack of leads or being stuck and you want to add online marketing to your business, schedule a time to talk with me at and discover how I can help you get this implemented.

On our call I’ll ask you some questions, give you two or three ideas of what you could do, and if it makes sense to both of us to work together we can discuss what that looks like, or if you’d like to implement the plans on your own, you’re welcome to take my suggestions and implement them.

Have a great day!

Brian “Upgrading My Systems” Hahn

P.S. Take a minute and write down 3 ways your life would improve if you could master Facebook and Online Marketing and have a marketing machine in place bringing you a steady stream of new customers 24 hours a day 7 days a week.