This Is Why We Market

Over the past few articles, we’ve been talking about What Good Is Facebook. Click here to read it if you missed it.

We’ve talked about the 3 different ways to grow your business and the many different ways Facebook can make this happen for you.

But let’s back up to why you market in the first place.

Good marketing is fun and attracts people that are interested in your products and services to you. But until you actually sell something your marketing efforts just keep you busy.  If you’re not seeing results, your time and money spent don’t add up to much.

It’s kinda like the person who wants to get in shape so they buy a bunch of gear, join a gym, show up a few times and then quits.

They’ve taken action, sure. But their action didn’t get them results. They still look and feel the same because it wasn’t enough of the right actions.

How do you sell using Facebook?

As long as you’ve been following the program presented in the past few articles you’ve got a good start.

The key to being successful when selling is to make sure that you’re talking to people who know, like, and trust you. We talked about creating custom audiences from your email list,  tracking people who went to your website or liked your Facebook page, etc.

You see, selling online is similar to selling in person.

If you see a stranger on the street and walk up to them and say I’ve got a deal for you, how many much do you think you’ll sell – regardless of the product.

I can hear you saying, Brian, wait a minute. I’ve got a store and new people come in all the time and buy.

My response: GOOD! But what brought them into your store?

Are they really strangers?

They probably didn’t just stumble in accidentally. They know something about you by the type of store you have, what your name is, and how the sign looks, etc.  My guess is they’ve had experience in a store like your’s sometime in the past.

They really aren’t a stranger then. Your store is the introduction. And now if you treat them well in the store you’ve got a good chance of making a sale.

So how do we replicate this online?

It all starts with the introduction. How do you introduce yourself? Do you spend your first contact talking about yourself or how you can help them? Check out for some ideas on how to do this.

Next, you provide some value to them. After all, when the person walks into your store, do they buy your products without talking to anyone? A few might, but if you interact well you’ll sell more.

If they’ve got questions, do you have answers?

Online providing value may look like an article about what they’re looking at, or a video demonstrating your product or service, or it could be customer reviews. When you go to Amazon and you see 100, 200 or more reviews on an item doesn’t that give you comfort before you buy the product?

After you’ve answered their questions, the next step is asking them to buy from you.

And yes you can do that on Facebook.

When you target an audience of people who have interacted with you the ad can be as simple as a picture of what you’re selling and an offer. This week only get . . .

Or Now Here . . . or Available For A Limited Time

You see, it all comes down to who you’re talking to.

The key is to have enough people to talk to that know, like, and trust you. They should come from a steady stream of content and interaction with people that all lead them to the next step you want them to take.

So finally, let’s talk about asking for the sale.

That is one of the most common mistakes I see businesses new to Facebook make. Not asking for the sale.

Add that to your ads that are targeted to the right people and watch your sales grow.

Have a great day!


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