This Was a Great Week!

Exclaimed Amanda as she told me about her results from Facebook. She had sold one $500 program and 2-$4000 programs because of her Facebook ads.

Next, she told me the two larger buyers that purchased these programs this week had opted in to another offer 5 months earlier.

Her next comment was “I guess I need to be patient”.

I wholeheartedly agreed with her.

After all, Amanda’s company sells products that range in price from $250 to $50,000 for a years’ service.

While she has great products and a strong reputation in her industry, not everyone has heard of her company, and it takes time for someone to commit to these services.

Another fact you need to know is that Amanda consistently breaks even or profits from her Facebook ad spend every week.

These larger sales are all paid for by other items she sells at a lower price.

She is in a good place with her marketing.

She’s able to break even on her marketing and introduce more people to her company. She has a robust follow-up strategy that enables her to convert people who opt-in for a free item or lower dollar item to larger sales. That strategy works on auto pilot.

This means she can continue to invest in her marketing knowing that she has most, or all her marketing costs covered.

She didn’t get here by accident. She worked hard to get this system working like this.

What I didn’t expect from her was the surprise in her voice when people started buying higher priced services months later.

She is good at marketing so I thought she would consider that normal.

After all, most people don’t make decisions costing 1000s of dollars without getting to know the people and company they are paying the money to.

The secret to having a good flow of people buying your higher priced services is to make sure you’re continually marketing.

This fills your pipeline and keeps it full.

When you stop marketing, however, the people who have started in your pipeline continue to move forward, but no new prospects enter the pipeline.  The amount of time you pause your marketing equals the amount of time until the marketing process starts to deliver sales again.

Have you looked at your marketing?

Do you have a plan to bring in new prospects and sell them something within 30 days to pay for your advertising?

What kind of follow-up system do you have in place to make sure this happens? Once they make that first purchase, do you ensure their success and desire to buy other products and services from you? Click here to check out a recent article on Follow-up.

How good is your tracking? Do you know where your leads are coming from?

Once you find out where you are with these numbers right now, you can start working to improve them.

With some adjustments and tests, you too, can have a system like Amanda.

When you’re paying for your advertising up front, everything your people buy after that has little marketing cost.

If you are looking to develop a system like this, have an existing business and are willing to invest in growing, reach out to me and let’s see how I can help you get this system created in your business. You can apply to work with me at