Three More Audiences to Use When Getting Started With Facebook Advertising

Can you imagine being able to reach people who have a proven interest in what you sell? 

Wonder if you could do it easily, inexpensively, and at your heart’s desire? 

What would that do for your business and your confidence? 

As you know, two of the three ways to grow your business involves reaching out to people who have bought from you before: 

  1. Get your existing customers to buy more 
  2. Get your existing customers to buy more often 
  3. Get new customers 

If you can do this quickly and at a low cost, better yet! 

In this article, I’m going to show you what you can do with assets you already have (your customer list and your website traffic), show you how to use them to accelerate customer acquisition, and grow your business.

Audience 1: Let’s start with your customer list 

In early 2017, Facebook expanded the options available for finding people on Facebook. Using your customer list, Facebook will now create an audience for you with only customer email addresses or phone numbers. 

In addition to customer email and phone numbers, Facebook will also use: first name, last name, phone number, gender, zip code, city, state/province, country, date of birth, year of birth, and age to further verify your customers’ identities. 

This process is called creating a custom audience. 

The changes Facebook made improved the match rate immensely.  

In the past, when you uploaded 1,000 names, Facebook would match only 500 people on average. 

Now we’re finding that Facebook is matching 850 to 900 people of the 1,000 when we use the new information options. 

This gives us many more people to work with. 

If you have a customer or prospect email list, this is an example of one way it can add value to your business. If you want more information on growing your lists here’s an earlier article about how to get people’s contact information. 

Audience 2: Your Website Traffic 

Next, let’s move to your website traffic. 

Your website does get visitors correct? 

If not, you have other issues that need to be addressed. 

Facebook can be used to get people to visit your website, but that is for a different article. 

What we’re talking about here is marketing to people who have already come to your website once before. 

This audience is very responsive to offers you put in front of them, and if you can get it set up once, it will continue to work automatically for weeks, months, or maybe even years if you have a great evergreen offer. 

Here is an article that will explain the concept in more detail: Your Facebook Secret Weapon 

What I want to be clear about is that all you need to do is the following: 

  1. Place the Facebook Pixel on your website. 
  2. Create an audience in Facebook ads manager using this data. 
  3. Create an ad targeting these people. 

This will help you bring more of these people back to your website to buy your products or services. 

On a day-to-day basis, these audiences are consistently in the top 5 of the most profitable audiences we target. 

Our biggest challenge is getting more qualified people to visit the website, which is needed to add more qualified leads to the custom audiences. 

Audience 3: Lookalike Audiences 

Lookalike audiences are audiences that you create using Facebook, in which Facebook creates an audience filled with people similar to those in the seed or base audience. 

The more people in the seed audience the better the results you will get from the lookalike audience.  

We’ve found that if our seed audience is 1,000 or more people we get good results, from 500 to 1,000 is ok, and below 500 people our results have been fair to poor. 

The exciting thing is that you can use your customer list you uploaded or your website traffic audience as seed audiences for lookalike audiences. 

If you have 1,000 customers you can upload them and find many more people like them in any country or region in the world. 

In the US a 1% lookalike audience will get you an audience over 2,000,000 people.  

That is big growth. 

The challenge with a lookalike audience is that they are similar to the people in your seed audience demographically and psychographically, but they don’t know you or your business. 

When marketing to a lookalike audience it takes a different tactic, but once you get it perfected you’ll find your website traffic and customer list growing rapidly, as well as your sales. 

These three audiences can be used by everyone. 

If you don’t have one of these three audiences to use when you get started, put strategies in place to start growing them. 

These three audiences combined with the 4 audiences from our earlier post, will give you audiences you can use to consistently grow your business. 

You’ll now be able to turn up your marketing when you want more business or down when you need to. 

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