To Good To Be True?

Free Advertising Opportunity!

That sounds great, how do I get FREE advertising?

All you have to do is sell enough of your product or services in less than 30 days to people who saw your ads, and your advertising is free!

Sounds good you are thinking, but how do I do that?

After all different businesses have different sales cycles, in some a person sees an ad and buys, in another, they see an ad and get involved and buy in a month or two, and in others, they buy in a year or two or longer.

What is magical about 30 days?

The thing about 30 days is that is how long you have from when you start an ad to when you have to put out cash for it.

When you’re running Facebook ads, Facebook won’t invoice you until you get to your credit limit, then they charge your credit card.

Many people have at least 30 days from when a charge hits their card to when they must pay off the card.

That means as long as you make enough sales in those 30 days to pay for the ad, the ad was free.

How do you get your money back in less than 30 days?

It all starts with having a plan.

What do you have to sell in that 30-day time span that will help you recoup your ad spend?

When you’ve decided what you have to sell, you start the process of selling it right away.

That means when someone opts in for a lead magnet you offer the item you have for sale on the thank you page.

Now, most won’t take that, but some will.

Then in your follow-up process, you bring the item up again in various ways.

You tell stories of others who have had success, you talk about the transformation in your readers’ business or life if they purchase your product, etc.

You’re developing a relationship with your reader and you’re offering a solution to help them as well.

What if your core product has a high price point and it takes longer to sell than 30 days?

In that case, you create a smaller offer that you can sell faster, which leads to your main product.

Can you splinter off a portion of your core product? Can you create a Do-It-Yourself version or a “Light” version of your core product?

This lets people test out your product or service without a large commitment and moves them closer to buying your core product.

It may take some testing to find an offer that works, but once you do, you have an asset that will work for a long time.

Now that you have your entry point offer, the item you’re selling to pay for advertising, you can test selling that directly on Facebook or other online platforms.

It is possible and many times profitable to skip the traditional lead magnet and create ads that sell a product on Facebook.

When you do this, you are creating an audience of buyers rather than freebie seekers.

It accelerates how fast you’ll recover your investment in your advertising.

Using multiple campaigns in a way to scale your business.

Once you have your lead magnet and follow-up campaign working and it’s bringing new people to your list and the follow-up is moving them forward to becoming buyers in less than 30 days you have one campaign.

Adding to that a campaign focused on selling your entry point offer to a cold audience is a second way to grow your business.

Successful businesses don’t stop what’s working, they add to it.

When you get one campaign going, you add a second and test until it’s working and then you add another.

I won’t go into more, but there are many more campaigns you can implement to grow your business.

One last note.

Once your advertising is free, and it doesn’t happen right away you can spend as much as you like to grow your business.

The only limit to your business growth is how much can you handle?

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