Want More People To Respond. . . Part 2

In my last article, I gave you a quick overview of how you can get more people to respond by changing your messaging and reaching out to the same audience, Click Here to read it if you missed it.

I wanted to go into more detail and give you some examples, so here it is.

First of all, what do I mean by “wearing out an audience”?

Many times when you’ve been targeting an audience for a while, you’ve reached everyone that Facebook thinks will respond to your ad and they’ve seen it enough that your results start to drop off.

Did you notice that I said who “Facebook thinks will respond to your ad”?

When you set an advertising objective, Facebook does its best to give you the results you want. After all, the more successful you are the more money you’ll spend with them.

That means that Facebook knows if you or I will watch a video vs clicking on a link to read a blog post, or if we’ll engage on Facebook and interact (Great if you’re marketing, kind of scary if you’re not).

Facebook also knows what kind of messages each of us tends to respond to.

Will we respond to a Pain-Benefit messaging, Feeling messaging, status, or story? We may even respond to more than one of these types of messages.

In this article, I want to give you some Pain-Benefit messaging examples.

When you’re creating Pain-Benefit messaging you need to proceed with caution. Facebook discourages making people feel bad about themselves. Remember, one of Facebook’s key goals is to make the world a better place.

If you go too far into the pain they will not approve your ad, and if you do it regularly Facebook may shut your ad account down.

Now with that said, this messaging can be one of the most effective messaging types you can use.

Some examples of Pain-Benefit Facebook messaging are:

  1. Ever Wish (Fill in the Blank)?
  2. Tired Of (Fill in the Blank)?
  3. Are You Struggling To (Fill in the Blank)?
  4. (Do This/Get this) and (Get, Learn, Understand XYZ Benefit).

As you can see in the samples we aren’t actually calling out pain per se.

Also, in the medical or health fields calling out people with health issues or pain issues is a major no-no.

Some sample Pain-Benefit messages:

  • Ever wish you could brew the perfect cup of coffee at home? Come to Rock Creek Roasters and discover the secrets to the perfect cup of coffee.
  • Tired of winter? Go to your local DQ and get a blizzard! Celebrate the upcoming summer!
  • Are you struggling to reach your ideal customers? Go to gosocialexperts.com and learn how we can help you reach them.

As you can see I didn’t mention any pain or distress, yet I called out to people who may be struggling with these issues.

We’ve had success targeting a proven audience with new messaging. It always amazes me as I watch the results come in from an audience we thought we had reached already.

If you want even faster results, run ads with different messages at the same time to the same audience.

If you’d like help developing your messaging for Facebook, schedule a Complimentary Discovery call with me at www.gosocialexperts.com/callbrian30. We’ll talk about some ideas for your business and if you need further help and it makes sense for both of us we can move forward working together.

In the next article, we’ll be talking about using feelings to reach your audience and will have more examples for you, so stay tuned.

Have a great day!