Want More People To Respond. . . Part 3

In part 1, I gave you an overview of how you can structure ads so you can get better results from an audience. Click Here to read that if you missed it.

In part 2, I went into depth about using the Pain-Benefit structure for ads. Click Here to read that article if you missed it.

Now in part 3, we’re looking at how you can use feelings to get a response.

Feelings you say, this is business, why do I need feeling?

Well, it depends on if you want to get results or not. While you may or may not operate on feeling, remember that we’re creating ads to appeal to different people and even if you don’t respond to feeling type ads, others may, and it may surprise you which people do.

You may find that the toughest man you know is really a big softie, and is moved by a story that creates feelings, while a person you expected to be moved by the story passes by it without giving it a second thought.

A few weeks ago I was at a conference and one of the speakers told a story about a charity that their business supports called Joshua’s Camp. This charity supports families who have a child with cancer or who have undergone treatment in the past 3 years. Click Here to learn more about Joshua’s Camp.

After the speaker was done, several members of the audience including myself had tears in their eyes and I overheard several asking about how they could help. You wouldn’t have guessed that any of these people would have been affected just by looking at them.

Now, you don’t have to be involved in a cause like this to move people to action using feeling type ads.

Remember, our goal is to move people to a different state through our ads.

We are striving to help them feel like they are going from one state to another.

They are moving from I’m frustrated, mad, dissatisfied to happy, content, satisfied.

How can we do that in a Facebook ad?

We are going to use a message like:

Are You Feeling (Before Feeling) Because Of (Pain Point)?

That’s Why We Made (Content).

(Do This) And (Get This Result).

Here is an example of an ad like this:

Are you frustrated that the only one who makes any money off your Facebook ads is Facebook? That’s why we created our Done With You Facebook Marketing Coaching program. Go to https://gosocialexperts.com/done-with-you-facebook-funnel-creation/ to discover how you can become a Facebook Marketing Master. When you’re done you’ll know all the ins and outs of Facebook Marketing and what it takes to make Facebook work for YOUR business.

That is what a feeling ad looks like for a business service. While we know this is an important service, it doesn’t have the built-in emotion that the story about Joshua’s Camp has, but to the business owner that is struggling with Facebook it will move them to at least look at the page and find out what is possible.

Give this a try and send me an email letting me know what results you got from it.

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Have a great day!