Want More People To Respond. . . Part 4

We’ve been talking about the different messages you can use to get people to respond to your ad. I created an overview of the four ways here, and I’m going into more detail about each of them in separate articles.

As you know, moving people from one state to another is what selling is all about. If someone is satisfied where they are now, then they probably won’t be looking to buy a new product or service.

Over the past two articles I’ve talked about using a Pain-Benefit message and Feelings based message to move your audience, now we’re moving on to a Status based message.

“Status you say, how can you use that to sell anything?”

“How do I use status to bring more people into my store or to buy my products? After all, I’m not Neiman Marcus.”

Who can use status type messages?

  • Cars Dealerships
  • Nice restaurants or resorts
  • Fine clothing stores
  • An upscale grocery store
  • Dentists (Has anyone checked out a concierge practice?)
  • Doctors (Yes, MD’s have concierge practices too)
  • Spas
  • Most businesses

As you can see there are many different industries that can benefit from the use of status messages. Now, how can you use status in your business?

Here are some thoughts.

In areas of your business where your customers are together, do you have a way to distinguish between them? When boarding an airplane, for example, you get to use a different lane to board if you have a higher status. If you’ve never flown first class, it’s the way to fly; splurge the next time you fly and see why.

How about at events? Have you ever attended an event and saw the people who were VIPs? They have different colored ribbons and many times they get into the room early and they get better seats. How much does that really cost the event organizers? How much do the attendees pay for the upgrades?

As you can see, there are many ways to use Status in your business. People respond to it, some more than others, but you’ll find that 20% of your audience will purchase your high-status items and packages all of the time, that’s just who they are.

How do you use this in your ads?

Here is a format you can use:

Want to be (Desirable Attribute)?                      

Become a (Blank) and (Get, Learn, Understand, XYZ Benefit).


Want to be a social media marketing ninja?

Become a Smart Facebook Marketer and learn the ins and outs of Facebook so you can consistently profit from your Facebook investment.


Want to be the best-dressed Man/Woman in the room?

Visit Tim’s Custom Clothing to have your clothes tailored and then steal the show at your next event.

As you can see there are many ways to use this structure for your ads.

Spend a few minutes developing reasons why and how your products and services can move people from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

With a little thought there is some way all of our products or services move people to a higher status, find out how your products or services do this and you’ll see your sales increase.

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Have a great day!