Want More People To Respond. . . Part 5

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In the first article of this series, I gave you an overview of several different types of messages that you could use to reach different people in the same audience. Click here if you missed it. Not everyone is motivated by the same message.

The four message types we’re suggesting you test are:

You can click above to read more about them if you want more information.

This is the final article in the series and we’re going to talk about using stories to sell.

You may wonder how you can fit a story into a Facebook post. Won’t it be too long?

There are two assumptions you might be making:

  1. The definition of too long. Depending on what you’re asking your audience to do, you may use ads or posts that are a sentence or two long, or you may use ones that are many paragraphs long and look more like long email or a Word document.
  2. Stories must be long to be effective. There are stories of varying length. The shortest story I know off is attributed to Hemingway and it is only six words (Baby shoes for sale, never worn), a lot said in those six words. At the other extreme are authors who write novels or series of novels totaling hundreds of thousands of words. You’ll have to find what works best for you in order to accomplish your result.

The first step in creating a story post is to decide what you want the people who read it, to feel and do.

If you can affect their feelings you’re more likely to get them to act.

As you may have heard, all of us buy because of feelings and then justify what we purchased by logic. I’m guilty of this myself if I look back on purchases that I’ve made in the past.

It may sound obvious that you need to know how the story will end before you start, but I find many people skip this step and then wonder why they didn’t move people the way they wanted.

This was taught by Stephen Covey in Seven Habits of Highly Successful People. Habit #2 stated, “Begin with the end in mind” back in 1989.

Your post/story can start with a familiar lead in

  • A long time ago in a ____________ far far away . . .
  • Once upon a time ____________ . . .
  • Let me tell you a store about _______________ . . .

Or you can start with a non-traditional line

  • Have you ever been inside a _____________?
  • When ____________ got off the plane . . .

The point is to get started with an interesting line and develop your story from there. Guide your reader along the way and let your reader discover what you want them to, in a way that your offer will make perfect sense.

Here is an example:

I was sitting in my office one day and my phone rang. It was Kim and I could hear the excitement in her voice. Now you have to understand, Kim doesn’t call just to chit-chat. She is a focused woman who is working to grow her business. We had been helping her leverage Facebook to grow her business and it was working. She had just closed her first major sale with a lead she had gotten from Facebook. Now she was ready to expand her Facebook efforts.

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This type of ad will move different people to action than the others.

Maybe you think Story is the best approach or that Pain-Benefit is the only way to go. For you, it may be, however . . .

You have to remember that not everyone is the same as you and they aren’t motivated by the same type of messages that you are.

The goal of this series is to help you see how adjusting your message can get you more results from the same audience.

You’ve taken the time to create an audience and if you take time to utilize these various messaging strategies I’ve outlined in the past few articles you’re going to make more money from that audience.

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