Want More People To Respond?

Has this happened to you? You’ve created a great ad and only a fraction of the people you hoped to respond actually did.

Or, you get a good response, run another version of your ad, and you get even more people responding after you thought the audience was already burnt out?

What happened?

By the way, this applies to Facebook ads or any kind of advertising.

Since I do most of my marketing on Facebook, I’m going to use those examples.

One of Facebook’s advantages is the ease and low cost to test your messages.

With a specific audience and about $50, you can find out if an ad works or not.

Another advantage is that you can find large groups of people in almost any niche or with any interest to market to.

What happens is, as you change the message of your ads you will start to get different people from the same audience responding.

You can change the type of ad, such as going from a Link-Click ad to a video ad, or you can change the messaging in the ad.

What are some of the different messages or styles you can use to make this happen?

When you’re first getting started you might find that your ads are all similar. After all, they sound good to you, so why wouldn’t they be attractive to everyone else?

The first reason is that you’re not your customer. Many times the people we’re targeting aren’t like us; if they were, they would be selling what we are.

The next issue is that different people will respond differently to your ads. Just as everyone learns differently and is attracted to different modalities of learning, they will also respond differently to your messages.

Many times we’ll think an audience has been worked as much as it can be, and then we use a different type of ad or message and then all of the sudden we’re getting a great response again.

So what are the four types of ad messaging you can use when creating your ads?

Pain-Benefit Ads: These will draw people’s attention to the pain that they are in and show them how they can fix it. When using Facebook make sure the pain you mention is subtle. Facebook is sensitive to these types of ads and will stop them.

Feeling Ads: How does your product make the reader feel? How will your product change their feelings?

Status Ads: How will buying or consuming your product change people’s status? What are they going to have when they’ve purchased your product?

Story Ad: What kind of story can you use to move people and entice them into buying your products or services?

As you can see there are multiple ways to move people into action and people will respond differently to each of these types of ads.

We’ve found that we can have a different version of an ad running to the same audience and get good results from both versions, and the people aren’t the same.

In the next 4 articles, I’ll be going into more depth about each of these ad types and giving you examples and models you can use to create different ads for yourself.

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Have a great day!

Brian Hahn