What Authority Do You Have?

What authority do you have?

Let’s start with examining where authority comes from…

It can be earned because of a degree like a Doctor or Lawyer.

Or it can be from a position, like a police officer or a pastor.

Or it can come from a job like being the owner or manager or supervisor.

All of these come with built-in authority.

Think about it, who else has the authority to run a few tests and call you in and give you the results and you hop on a bed and a few hours later someone is operating on you?

That’s authority.

But what about as a business owner?  Does your marketing create authority for you, is it neutral, or does it detract from your authority?

Wouldn’t having the authority of a doctor (in the context of your business) be great?  You simply share your thoughts and suggest people buy your product or service and they immediately sign up because you said so.

So, how does your marketing support and enhance your authority?

It can when you follow a system.

After all, the goal of all businesses is to have a system that brings them a steady flow of new customers willing to buy at an affordable cost, predictably. You put in a dollar and out pops 2 or 3 or more dollars.

A system like this is possible, though it does take some testing and adjustments over time.

You create the system and test how it works; you look at the results and then make adjustments and do it again.

Every time you make changes you get data. Sometimes the data tells you what you want and other times it’s not what you were looking for. But each test moves you closer to your goal.

The first step is designing and implementing your system.

Until you do that and invest in sending people to your system you won’t change your results and you can’t test and adjust.

When you design your system well and use it consistently, you’re going to get authority.

And as you get results for your clients and customers your authority is going to grow.

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