What I Learned On Vacation

Recently I spent a week at a remote cabin in Canada without electricity, phone or internet.

Now you’d think that spending that length of time in that kind of setting would leave you relaxed and refreshed. However, I found that after the first two days, I was feeling almost as pressured as I am when I’m working.

I looked at how I was spending my day and I saw that my days were booked full and the first part of them was booked with work.

I knew I wasn’t going to be able to access the internet, but I had brought my laptop and some writing I wanted to do.

It felt great to be making progress on the projects, but I felt pressure to get things done.

Most of the time that is a good thing, but this was a vacation and I wanted to come back looking forward to work and be energized.

When I’m feeling pressure and low on energy I know that I’m not on the path I should be on. I like helping my clients grow their businesses and working on my business, so when it starts getting hard, I know I’m not in the place I need to be mentally and physically.

I know that I do better when I’m rested and looking forward to working, and I’ve designed my days to make sure I am in this state the majority of the time.

However, all of us need time away to recharge our batteries.

Feeling the stress of having to work on vacation wasn’t something I planned on happening.

I knew I was pushing too hard and I needed to slow down or my next work week wasn’t going to be productive.

I made some adjustments to my routine, reduced my workload and expectations and came back from vacation ready to go.

Fortunately, I was aware that this was happening. In the past, I would have pushed through and got my work done, and come back tired and stressed and then been in the thick of getting caught up with everything that was waiting for me after a week away without internet.

For next year, I’ll know not to plan as much work or, better yet, no work in my routine and I’ll have a better vacation and be ready to go when I get back.

Make sure you enjoy your vacations and time away from work, so you can return refreshed and full of energy.

Have a great day!

Brian “relaxed and ready” Hahn

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