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As you’ve read in my preceding articles, I’ve revealed to you a step-by-step system that will let you attract new customers to your business using a predictable process. And better yet, as they come to you they are ready to buy from you.

This is especially important according to an article from one of my mentors, Dan Kennedy. He writes about the fact that most businesses don’t have a system to gather and hold people while they nurture them into becoming customers.

What happens instead is when businesses encounter someone interested in their products, they count on that person to buy right now or within at least the next few contacts, or the potential customer is written off and not nurtured.

There are two problems with this. First, most people aren’t ready to buy from a business during the first encounter. They need to know more about the business and your products.

The second problem with this is that if a business doesn’t have a steady lead flow, the business is subject to dry spells. If it takes multiple points of connection for someone to buy from you, and you only concentrate on this when you need customers, you are setting yourself up for consistent dry spells.

Imagine what it will be like not to have those dry spells. Instead imagine having a system in place that feeds you a steady supply of people through even the longest drought.

As Dan Kennedy described it, think of people who’ve expressed interest in your business as a reservoir up in the mountains, and you live in the desert below. If you keep your reservoir full, you will always have water for your fields and your living. The fuller the reservoir is, the more reserve you have.

As long as at the same time you’re filling your reservoir you are also building a pipeline down to your farm, you will have a steady supply of people waiting to do business with you. As you know, people aren’t necessarily ready to do business with you the first time they encounter you. They are all at various points in the pipeline.

Your pipeline is the process you use to move your prospects from hearing about you and their first contact with you to becoming your customers.

In the past several articles I’ve laid out how you can set up this kind of system using Facebook. You find and attract your audience using Facebook, and then you set up a system to nurture people interacting with you on Facebook into becoming customers or clients.

So if you’re a business owner or a member of a marketing team for a business or professional practice and you want to grow your business or practice over the next several months, I have already laid out a program for you that when properly implemented will skyrocket your growth. Click here to read that article

One of the common objections I hear from business owners and their teams is that they can’t make Facebook work for them. They hear stories of it being incredibly profitable for other businesses, but they can’t make it work for their own businesses.

What they often are missing is that using Facebook to market your business takes an effective strategy and a solid implementation plan.

Many times the people struggling with Facebook have tried one campaign one time and didn’t have any success; perhaps they tried three or four, but the campaigns were all the same with no changes in strategy, so none of their attempts worked.

What it takes to succeed is knowledge of what successful people are doing and how they’re doing it, and then you must implement similar procedures yourself.

At a seminar I attended in November of 2015 I heard Ron Ipach speak. He used a quote quite often in his talk. It was, “Too stupid to fail.” He stated that when he was first learning how to market he would buy a program from a mentor and implement it exactly like it was taught, and it was amazing. It worked. He didn’t change it or pretend he knew more than the mentor. Every time he was tempted to change something, he reminded himself that he didn’t know more than the mentor. This enabled him to be successful in less time.

This has stuck with me since then as I learn from people more successful than I am. I don’t overthink what I’m supposed to do. I find someone successful and use their model. Once I’m successful at the method I have imitated, I may make some changes to see if I can improve the results, but I don’t make them until I’m successful. I keep in my mind Ron’s quote “to stupid to fail” and I make sure that what I’m doing is working before I start adjusting it.

What I outlined in the previous articles is an innovative system that brings results for all types of business. Click here for an overview of that system. Businesses that sell from one storefront can benefit from this, as can companies that sell regionally, using personal visits and phone calls to companies selling entirely online. This has been proven to work for all of these different businesses.

This method is not a one-time effort of putting up an ad and saying that you’re marketing on Facebook. Yes, you can do that, but the odds of making a consistent profit from it are slim.

I know many of you are doubtful that Facebook marketing can work for you.

You’ve tried it. Perhaps you’ve used a similar approach to Facebook as you do to Google advertising.

Many times you pay lip service to what you’re going to do, but when it comes down to it you don’t implement the strategies. They don’t feel right, or one of your staff members who doesn’t have near the experience you do doesn’t like the idea because it’s different from what they learned elsewhere.

I hear your doubt when I speak to you. I hear it in your voice and see it in your body language. I see it when you aren’t willing to try any of the tips I give you.

What does happen though is over time you become convinced that Facebook can be successful for you. You hear of others in your industry trying new strategies and see them growing and wonder why can’t I? You are at a marketing conference or an industry gathering and others tell you how they’re having success using Facebook, and you start to listen a little closer. You sign up for my emails, you follow me on Facebook, and when we meet again you listen to me a little more closely.

These articles have revealed to you the complete system for being successful using Facebook marketing. Put them into action and watch your business grow.

If you’d like help implementing this system, you can schedule a time to talk with me at https://gosocialexperts.com/schedule.

Have a great week!