When is the Last Time You Checked…

Every year that you’re in business you create new systems and make changes to systems you have in place.

And many of the systems you created in the past are still working behind the scenes, day after day, month after month, year after year.

Have you checked your systems yourself lately?

I know they are all working perfectly, just like you designed them but … are you sure?

What kind of systems am I talking about?

Any system you have in your business:

  • Are the phones being answered properly?
  • Are customers being greeted like the system says?
  • Are your sales systems producing like they were designed?
  • How about your staff retention system?
  • Or your team recruiting system?
  • Or your customer retention system?
  • Your marketing systems?

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had an opportunity to look at several clients’ systems and check out a few of my own and they weren’t always working like expected.

With one of my clients, the leads have dropped off from one source. It used to be a good lead source and lately has dropped to almost nothing.

We were in looking at a page and I clicked on a link. It looked OK, but it was formatted wrong so it went nowhere, and the only way to find it was to click on the link.

Then I checked and the page it should have gone to didn’t exist either, so there were two errors here.

In the recent past, I’ve had someone reach out to me from an email I sent. It is part of a follow-up series and the page they were trying to get to wasn’t there. I had set it up 3 years ago and forgot about it.

I’ve since made it a practice to click on every link on pages I’m working on to see if it works. Most do, but from time to time I find one that doesn’t.

It doesn’t matter why, it just needs to be fixed. Your customers want to know they can rely on you and if your own website doesn’t work, how can they trust you with theirs?

What about the other systems?

Have you called your business lately to see how they answer? How many rings does it take? Do you get directed to voicemail? How long does it take to get a callback?

You see there are ways to check every system in your business.

Does it take time?

Yes it does.

Will it pay dividends?


You’re going to find training errors, technical errors, items your team is making do with, as well as various technical issues.

You also may find systems working that you don’t need anymore. They were important when you created them, but you’ve made changes that made them obsolete, and they continue to run.

Start checking and reply to this email and let me know what you find.


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