Where Do You Want People To Go?

I mean this in the nicest way possible but… where do you want people to go?

We’ve been talking about “What Good Is Facebook”. If you missed that article you can click here to read it.

One of the benefits of Facebook is the ability you have to get people where you want them to be.

And have you tried that before?

Many times, someone will tell you that sounds great and I will be there, and then the time comes for them to show up and something came up or . . . you know the story.

However, with this system, people are excited about showing up and will make you the place they want to be while leaving everyone else wondering where they’re at.

What am I saying here?

There are certain places where people can buy from you.

It may be in a store, on a website, on the phone or even in person.

Facebook can help get people to where you want them to be and, when done well, they’re enthused about being there.

And you can have an existing audience already that you’re talking to or with Facebook it can be a totally new audience. Just remember if it’s a totally new audience it’s going to take more work to introduce them to you and get them excited.

Here’s how you can make this happen:

Get them to a store

First, target people that are in the area of your store and are interested in what you sell.

And then offer them something they want and that they can only get in your store.

This can be something as simple as a discount, though that’s not always the best choice.

It can also be an event. A local art gallery in Eau Claire recently had a celebrity artist in the store for two days. They advertised this to the public and there was a line outside the door waiting to get in so they could talk with the artist and buy his crafts.

Or in the past, we’ve had restaurants in our area bring in celebrity chefs which filled the restaurant for a week with people spending money on meals they might not have bought otherwise.


We partner with local elementary schools at our Dairy Queens and donate a portion of the proceeds back to the schools

Or . . .

When you use your imagination you’ll find more opportunities. And you can use Facebook to promote these events and get people to where you want them to go.

Get Them To Your Website:

Many businesses sell on their website. How can Facebook help with this?

The way your website is successful is just like your store, the more people that stop by the more chances you have to sell your products.

Facebook can really be known as The Traffic Store. You go there to buy traffic for your website.

You tell Facebook what kind of people you think you want and Facebook sends them by.

All you have to do is have something these people are interested in.

You create an ad show it to people most likely to be interested and send them to your site.

The ad can use similar tactics to the ones I mentioned to get people to a physical store.

You can use discounts, have events or tie in with a charity or whatever else you can cook up.

Once they’re on your site you can also show them other products.

Plus you can mark them as a visitor to your site and then show other ads to them after they leave.

This helps your results in future campaigns and many times these audiences are the most responsive to new offers you have.

We’ve tackled the easy ones, now how about the final two places.

Get Them On The Phone:

I know what you’re thinking. How do I use Facebook to get people on the phone?

It’s simple,

You connect with new people on Facebook, give them something of value to show them that you can help them and then invite them to a call.

It really is that easy.

We make it complicated all the time and it doesn’t have to be.

As long as what you showed them before your invite really did help them you’re going to have people accepting your offer to talk.

Get Them to Meet In Person:

And last but not least is in person.

After all didn’t our parents tell us not to meet anyone in person we only know from the internet?

How 90s is that?

After all, we now contact people on the internet and tell them to come pick us up. It’s called Uber or Lyft or one of many other options available to us.

Now you are going to have to do something besides just ask people to meet.

I’m going to suggest that you use a similar plan for getting people on the phone, with a few modifications.

First, you make sure you’re only marketing in areas you’re going to be. If you want to talk with people in your local area you target that area. If you travel you can target the area you’re going to ahead of time and see who wants to meet.

The process is you run a Facebook ad offering to solve a problem your audience has,

Then when they click you help them solve it or part of it before you ask them to meet.

Then you just extend the offer.

Yes, it really is that easy.

As you can see Facebook can get customers to you or get them to connect with you. It does take some planning but my guess is you’re doing this already in your business. You just aren’t putting it out in front of your audience or an audience on Facebook.

Give it a try, and if it doesn’t work the first time make adjustments and do it again!

Very few succeed on the first try.

Have a great day!


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