Why Should I Use Facebook?

Blog Post 04.24.18

Let me tell you why you should use Facebook.

After all, there are other ways you can reach people:

  1. Email (How are your open rates?)
  2. Direct Mail (Yes, real mail to physical addresses)
  3. Newspapers (Who is reading them?)
  4. Radio (Have you gotten a bid on a radio campaign lately?)
  5. Your website (How many people are coming to your site each month?)
  6. Hope they come to your store or website (This is a poor marketing strategy)

As you can see, all of the above have some issues and to be fair Facebook does too.

If you’re going to reach a significant part of your audience on Facebook you’re going to have to spend some money to push your Facebook posts out.

However, if you look at all the other options there is a cost to them too.

What about the trouble Facebook is in according to the news?

Have you investigated this further than just looking at the news? Remember, all the news channels want is to get your attention, so they report the most sensationalized information, but not necessarily all the facts.

My prediction is that Facebook comes through all of this just fine. There will be some changes, but for the most part, it won’t significantly affect how Facebook works.

The other day in a mastermind meeting one of the members asked how often to reach out to her audience.

My answer is “It depends”. How often do you have something worthwhile to talk about?

Let’s face it; we all have access to more information than we can keep up with. Is the information you’re talking about interesting to your audience?

When I say information, don’t think it has to be like this article. While this article is informational, if you’re in other businesses there are other types of information you can use.

I’ve been working in the grocery industry recently, helping grocery stores use Facebook.

In the case of a grocery store or other local business, your new items or specials on existing items can be the information you post.

Another idea may be market news. You have access to what’s happening in your market that the average consumer doesn’t have, or maybe trends, or . . . you get the idea.

Using Facebook to get your message out gives you a channel that you control, that is affordable and flexible.

You get to choose who, when, what, and how often you reach out. You can have an idea now and in 12 minutes it can be out on Facebook in front of your audience.

That is the power of Facebook.

When it comes to local businesses using Facebook and especially Grocery Stores, we’ve been seeing strong success.

If you have a grocery store or a local retail store and you haven’t checked out the information at www.Grocersfbformula.com check it out (The strategy can be used for more than just grocery stores).

If you have a friend who owns a local business or a grocery store, do them a favor and forward this article to them.

Have a great day!