To Work From A Coffee Shop Or Not. . . That Is The Question

Blog Post Image 02.06.18

What does working from a coffee shop have to do with marketing?

That is the question my mind came up with as I started this post.

Then I looked at what I’ve done in the past and noticed a pattern that might be helpful.

Yes, I started this post in a coffee shop, but I’m finishing it in my office.

We’ve all heard stories of people who start and operate businesses (some of them very successfully) from Coffee shops.

Can and should you follow suit?

I’m going take a stand and say “maybe”.

Looking at my past work history, I have worked from coffee shops and still do on occasion. Most times it’s when I’m between meetings, have an hour or two to fill, or can’t work in my office because I’m in another city.

The other time that I go to a coffee shop is when I need a different place to work.

What I find is that sometimes the change of scenery helps me see what I’m working on from a different perspective, and solutions I might not have thought of come to me.

Also, having meetings in a coffee shop is many times beneficial. It’s a neutral space for everyone at the meeting and it tends to lead to more openness from everyone, at least that is what I’ve found.

Other times, I wish for the quiet and isolation of my office. I often work alone at home and my team is remote.

I don’t like making calls from a coffee shop as the background noise is out of my control, and when I’m making calls I want to be able to focus on the other person, not what is happening around me.

As you can see I have mixed feelings about working from a coffee shop.

My recommendation is to give it a try, see how it works for you, and figure out what tasks can be done from the coffee shop.

When I was actively managing a retail store, I would sometimes take my laptop and go to the coffee shop to work on employee reviews or other work that needed my undivided attention.

It was amazing how much I could get done when I wasn’t being called away. If your staff can’t run the business while you are away for a few hours, what you really needed to work on is the selection and training of your staff.

There are many ways you can incorporate this concept into your workday.

You may not work at a coffee shop, but you could find a location in your business that you don’t usually work from. You can get the same benefit of a different perspective from this location too.

There are also other places to work from. I find that for maximum productivity, libraries are a great place to work. They are quiet, and I find that working there with all the books and knowledge around me seems energizing, and they usually offer good WIFI.

Another place that I get work done is airports. I don’t mean while waiting at the gate (though that can happen) but in work areas of the airport.

When I’m traveling, and my flights have been delayed I’ve found that most airports will have work areas that you can go and use.

The great thing about working while traveling is that no one is expecting me to answer my phone or be available, and if I’m late it’s out of my control, so the ability to concentrate on a project and get work done is terrific. Some of my best more profitable projects have been completed in an airport.

This is something to think about when planning where you can get stuff done.

Remember, until something is done and made public you can’t profit from it. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that activity is the same as accomplishment.

Where do you accomplish the most?

Find these spaces and make stuff happen.

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Have a great day!