Work Less & Get More Done

Work Less & Get More Done: Isn’t this what everyone wants, including us business owners?

Wouldn’t it be nice to work a little less and get more done?

Well, you can if you’re willing to trust the process.

What process am I talking about?

I’m talking about taking time off to recharge your batteries.

Yes, all of us wear down and we need time to recharge.

My challenge, and the challenge for many of us, is that any time I have cell service and my laptop I can be working. That’s both a blessing and a curse.

It’s a blessing that I can work from anywhere in the country so I can travel and schedule work time and be productive. The truth is, I like helping business owners profitably grow their companies and so I like to work.

The challenge is that I always feel I should be connected, which can lead to feeling drained.

It’s summer and the past few weeks I’ve had opportunities to recharge my batteries and I did an OK job of it.

My wife and oldest daughter and I were visiting family in a different state for a few days. We had some downtime, so I scheduled two calls with clients and then did some other work.

When I was reviewing my day, I noticed that I wasn’t as refreshed as I should have been. I realized that taking those hours to work earlier in the day had drained me.

I was supposed to be taking it easy and recharging but instead I had chosen to work.

I could have read a book or played a game with my family or we could have just hung out at the campground we were staying at.

The challenge was I had stuff to get done. Don’t we all?

The issue with this is that I cheated myself out of downtime.

There is always work to do and it often seems like there is more stuff to do than there is time.

When I got home I wasn’t looking forward to going to work the next day like I usually am. I still wanted to be on vacation. Had I stayed present in my vacation, I would have been energized and ready to return to work.

There is a time for working and a time for playing. Make sure you choose wisely and strive for harmony in your life.

Harmony, to me, means that when you need to work more you can. But when you want to unplug and spend time with your family and friends recharge you can.

This concept of harmony has helped me in the past few years.

I strive to keep my life in harmony.

And when my life is in harmony, work just flows.

I get more done in less time and have more fun doing it.

And my health and relationships are all in great shape too.

Isn’t that what life is about?

Have a great day!


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