Wow! You can do that too?

In the past few articles, we’ve been talking about how your CRM can help you grow your business with minimal effort from you once you get it set up.

And by the way, you’re building an asset that will continue to perform week after week, month after month, and year after year.

You’ll get sales when others don’t and they’ll be wondering how you do it.

Other ways to use your CRM:

  1. Onboarding Emails: Do you have a system, something that happens without any action on your part, that works automatically when someone joins your membership or becomes a new customer? Getting your relationship off on the right foot can dramatically increase the lifetime value of a customer or client.
  2. Delivery of Items Purchased: Do you sell electronic items that can be delivered online? If you sell services, do you make sure they’re taking advantage of all that you offer? The first sales can lead to the next. If you sell physical items do you use your CRM to keep your customers updated as to when to expect their purchase and then encourage them to use what they purchased? This can lead to more purchases as well as your customers telling their friends about you and how you exceeded their expectations.
  3. Reminder Emails: Do you sell a product or service that people use up? If so do you send reminder emails to order or schedule again? After all, if your product or service helps people why wouldn’t you do everything you can to make sure they never run out? These campaigns are especially profitable in items people need to re-purchase monthly or bi-monthly but they can work well for bi-annual or annual meetings too.
  4. Birthday Emails: These can be powerful tools to maintain and strengthen a relationship. How many people remember your birthday and send you something? If you combine this with a gift you’ll get an even stronger response. When I owned a grocery store we sent out birthday cards with a $10 gift certificate in them for their birthday. These cards had a high redemption rate and few people purchased only the amount of the certificate. Also, many of them stopped me in the store and even out in public and thanked me for the cards. How many of you get that response from your marketing?

All of the above can be automated so that it just happens.

Yes, it takes some effort to get it set up but not much compared to the results you’ll be getting.

What other things can you think of to use your CRM to grow your business?

If you want to talk about what it would take to get this set up in your business schedule a time to talk to me at

When getting started I recommend creating a plan and prioritizing what you want to do and then build a system like we’ve been talking about over time. You can have everything, just not at the same time.


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