Are You Exercising or Training? Part 2

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After I finished last week’s article about exercising, training, and marketing, other possibilities occurred to me. If you missed that article, you can read it here.

There are many other areas besides our exercise routines and our marketing in which we may let our feet off the pedals and coast.

What about events such as conferences, conventions, seminars, networking get-togethers of various types, and one-to-one meetings? Do you go to these events with a specific goal and strategy to accomplish, or do you wing it?

Many times, especially as you get comfortable with the people you’re seeing at different events, you stop reaching out to others. You see the same people and spend time with them, but you don’t put effort into meeting as many new people.

If your goal is to strengthen your existing relationships, that tactic is great, but if you want to create new relationships, that approach causes a problem.

You’ve fallen into exercise again and away from training. You’re there going through the motions, but you’re not achieving outstanding results.

I’ve found that when I go to conventions, seminars, and other events, if I don’t have a plan and a goal of what I want to accomplish, less happens than if I do have a plan and a goal.

When I approach events strategically and plan ahead, many times the results exceed my expectations.

I show up with a list of people I want to connect with, and I put myself in places where I encounter them.

When I’m going to a new event, I have profiles in mind of the people I’m looking for—what businesses they’re in, what services they offer, and even what their outlook on marketing is.

I find it more rewarding to work with people who want to grow their businesses and be successful than people I have to convince of their ability to be successful. Both the client and I better enjoy these relationships.

When you’re going to an event, be it a local, regional, or national event, make sure you have a plan that you want to implement and bring everything you need to make it happen.

Train hard and see your success grow.

Have a great week!

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