Are You Exercising or Training?

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An email came to me last week with this title in it, and it caused me to question my exercise and marketing efforts.

I work out regularly all year, but when I’m exercising to prepare for something physical, I work out a little more intently.

A regular workout finds me increasing my heart rate and lifting some weights, but . . .

When I have a trip planned to the Boundary Waters, I work out a little harder.

Paddling canoes across lakes and then carrying them and all our gear over the portages is tough, and it makes it harder when I go in when I’m out of shape.

What do exercise and trips to the Boundary Waters have in common with marketing?

Just as my exercise becomes more focused when I have something to get in shape for, my marketing activities become more focused when I have a specific goal that I’m promoting.

In other words, are you going through the motions of marketing and getting some results, or are you really focused and intent on getting results?

When I received the e-mail, I thought, Of course I’m always focused. How can I not be? I’m a marketing professional.

Then I started looking at my actions and what I do, and I realized that there are some days (and even some weeks) when I’m coasting along. I put in effort, and I get results—but it’s not the same as when I’m intently focused.

Looking at the times I’m most active, I see that at those times, I’m promoting a specific product or event. There’s nothing like a deadline and goal to get me focused and make things happen.

I’ve resolved to have a deadline and goal every week now. And to make sure that I not only have it, but I also announce it to others. Sometimes, I tell my staff; other times, I schedule an event.

There’s nothing like having a scheduled speaking engagement or an online event such as a webinar to make sure I’m focused on accomplishing things.

Presenting a webinar is a great deal of work, and I want to have as many people participating as possible, so I can’t let anything slide. Also, I have to prepare for it. I never want to show up unprepared, but that’s a subject for another post.

What about you?

Are you focused with your marketing?

Do you know what you’re trying to achieve this week or this month?

Have you shared these goals with someone else?

Do you have public events to prepare for?

These events can be online or in person at your business.

I remember when I was in the grocery business, we would schedule large one-day sales months ahead of time. It was easy to look at the calendar and put dates on it, but as we got closer and had to prepare, the intensity escalated.

We spent a large amount of money to promote and get ready for these sales, and the last thing we wanted to happen was to be all ready and have no one show up.

This fear kept the marketing focused.

My concern the morning of every event was that no one was going to show up, or that we’d forgotten something major, and no one had heard of it. This never materialized but persisted until the first customers started showing up.

What do you have focusing your marketing efforts?

Are you scheduling events and promoting new products and services?

If you don’t have something new or exciting coming up or in, create it. You owe it to yourself and your business to keep an event in front of you so you don’t coast along just exercising.

The key to getting what you want is to train, train hard, and train consistently.

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Have a great week!

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