Has Your Business Growth Stalled?

You fail hackingstarted your business several years ago. It grew fast, but
things have changed and growth has been flat or slow the last few
years. What are you going to do differently to change that?

There are three ways to grow your business. You can:

* increase the number of customers,
* encourage your existing customers to buy more of the same
product or different products, or
* encourage your existing customers to buy more often.

Which of these strategies you favor and where your business is
currently will lead you to one of the three choices above.

If you are a new business owner, your choice is obvious. It is
increase your number of customers. You don’t have many existing

If your business is more established, you can opt for any of the
three choices.

Once you have chosen the overall strategy, what tactics are you
going to use to make it happen?

Who are you going to for new ideas and implementation help?

You have two choices: You can either study marketing and become
an expert, or you can hire someone to help you.

If you decide to find someone to help you, two more choices
appear: Do you work with someone from a media source, or do you
hire an outside consultant?

The person who works for “free” from a media source is paid when
you buy the media the person is selling.

With a consultant you pay a fee for unbiased information that
will help your business grow faster.

If you want to become the marketing expert yourself, you need to
devote your time and money to investigating the possibilities of
marketing and what you can do.

The fastest way to escape a slump is to hire someone to help you.
That person will bring new ideas and skills to help your business
grow faster.

What I have found in working with businesses of all sizes is that
the ones open to investigating new ideas grow the fastest. Not
everything they try works, or works as well as they would like,
but they learn and grow from each activity, and they improve
their results every year.

They aren’t sitting around wondering what to do. They make a plan
and hire people to make it happen.

If you would like help growing your business, contact Brian with
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