Change Your Questions Change Your Business

The mind thinks in questions. All questions have more than one answer. The challenge is finding the answer that gets the best results for you.

With the right question, I can get you to consider an issue in a different light. As you see things differently, you come up with different answers. When you are working to grow your business, you need to be constantly seeking new insights. If you keep coming up with the same solutions, you will keep getting the same results.

To change the answers you need to change the questions. One of my favorite quotes is credited to Albert Einstein. “If you keep doing what you have always done, you will keep getting what you have always gotten.” I want you to have more than what you have always gotten, so I work to change the questions in your head.

I usually start with a question and then move to what I have found works for me. If I get you to consider other possibilities, even if you don’t use them, I consider myself to be successful. When you make one small change in the questions you ask yourself, you change your future.

Just to be clear, the first answer you arrive at is rarely the best. The first answers that come are always the easy ones- everyone else sees them as well. Challenge yourself to find five other possibilities. Keep wrestling with the question, and you will be amazed at what comes to you in a relatively short time.

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