How Do You Currently Market Your Business?

This is a question I ask all my new clients. Many times, especially if I am working with a business that has been around for some time, they have a hard time answering. They have put some of the systems on autopilot and just let them go. Other clients list several media they use to market their businesses:

  • Newspaper
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Yellow pages (yes, some businesses even make sales from them)
  • ValPak or something like it
  • GoogleAdWords
  • Magazines
  • Website

These are all tried and true methods for getting the word out to customers. Most of these tactics are a shotgun approach, meaning that, because they don’t know for sure who their ideal clients are, they hope their prospects pay attention to the media in which they advertise.

Many people I talk to are missing out on the benefits of social media. There are many opportunities to use the rise of social media to grow your business. There is a platform for every business no matter what you are selling. How you use social media to grow your business is different from other forms of marketing. It does take some of your time to use it, but it doesn’t take much money if you want to do it yourself. In future articles, I will talk about what it takes to use social media to grow your business.

If you want to learn how you can use social media to grow your business now contact me at to set up a time to talk and see if we should work together.

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