The Dark Side of Marketing

I was thinking about this the other day when I was by the lake.

I have learned many ways to reach people and convince them to do something—be it buy a product, leave an e-mail, or register for a webinar or an event.

All marketers and salespeople have this skill to some degree. Actually, all of us have it from the time we are born.

Babies do what they have to do to have their needs met.

As we grow, we become more skilled at selling others on what we want, and this is a good thing. Think about the four-year-old who wants to stay up a little later or the teen who wants the car tonight.

Professional marketers have developed this skill to a higher degree. We have to make sure that what we are doing is best for the people we’re working with.

As a businessperson you have to make sure that what you are doing is for the best for your customers as well. You are wrapped up in your business; you have spent time planning, promoting, and running your business. Is what you’ve done really the best for your customers?

Most of the time it is. You have done the best you can with what you have. It’s better for your customers to buy from you versus another. If you don’t believe this, then you need to fix what you are doing or get out of it.

As with any skill you have, it’s your choice to use it to help people or to harm them. I believe that most people want to do the best they can for everyone they come into contact with. The reason they may not guide you the best way is that they don’t take the time to find out what you really need.

This belief may be accurate or not, but I enjoy life more if I live it expecting everyone I come into contact with to be put there to help me learn something.

Have a great week.

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