What Difference Does “Why” Make?

Why is the “Why” so important?

Last week I talked about getting what you want—both how to discover it and how to actually get it. If you didn’t get a chance to read that article, you can here.

Now that you know what you want, the next thing that will move you quickly toward your goal is understanding WHY you want it.

You are looking more for the emotion behind the “Why” than for any factual definition.

The emotion is what drives you and moves you along.

Until you have emotion behind an idea, it’s only a dream. You have no fuel to make it happen.

When you have discovered what you want, it looks so good—and so easy. It’s right there. All I have to do is _________, and it’ll be mine…..

All of that is true. The challenge comes in when that __________ isn’t so easy.

All of us run into difficulties and challenges. The task that looks so easy before we start isn’t so easy once we start doing it.

There are unexpected challenges that discourage us.

Everything takes longer then we think it should and costs more than we planned on.

Without the proper “Why,” we give up. The “Why” gives us energy to keep going through all the challenges.

Late at night when you’re trying to work something out, or when you have been rejected for the nth time, the right “Why” keeps you going.

There is another thing that can stop you if you don’t have the right “Why”—fear.

To be successful, you will have to do things you haven’t done before.

There is a terror barrier that will stop you if you don’t have a strong enough “Why.” You will come to something that you must do that will move you forward, but you will feel stuck.

You may have to speak in front of people. You may have to talk about yourself. You may have to write your thoughts down and actually put them out in front of people.

These are some of the biggest struggles that my clients and I have encountered as we work on growing our businesses.

The “Why” keeps you going and gives you energy and willpower to get unstuck and to move through any barrier to the success on the other side.

What are some “Whys?”

  • Because you want to prove someone wrong.
  • Because you want to prove someone right.
  • Because you want to enjoy life differently.
  • Because you want to earn lots of money. (This one doesn’t last long for most people.)
  • Because you want to be a respected member of a community.
  • Because you want to be looked up to.
  • Because you want to support your family.
  • Because you want to give your kids things you never had.

The “Why” is the emotion that will drive all your efforts. It has to be strong enough to push you through all the barriers you encounter.

Find a strong enough “Why,” and everything you want will start moving towards you.

Have a great week.

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