Do You Want Your Customers to Buy More From You?

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You’ve spent time and money to attract to your business people who are willing to buy your products or services. They’ve been to your place of business, either in person or on the web, and they have given you money.

They’re now your customers.

Now, how do you get them to buy more, more often?


These people have come to your place of business in person or visited your website and left contact information, but they haven’t purchased anything yet.

How do you get these people to start buying?


How do you nurture and develop relationships online?

Most of us think of online relationships as different from relationships we develop in the real world, but I want you to think about them again. Are these relationships really different? When you meet someone in the real world, you introduce yourself, the other person introduces him or herself, and you spend time getting to know each other.

Many times you share stories as you search for what you have in common with each other. You may also share tips and ideas to help the other’s business.

You then move on; after some time, you encounter each other again and talk some more. Over time you develop trust in each other, and you may start to do business together or refer business to each other.

What would happen if, when you first met the other person, you were asked to buy something? Your new acquaintance could be an insurance salesperson, a car salesperson, a social media marketing consultant, or any other type of sales person. You don’t know this person. How would you react?

Usually the relationship doesn’t go any further; there are no second chances for conversation. If you see this salesperson again, you make sure you are too busy to chat.

Online Relationships

So what are you doing with your online relationships? Are you collecting prospects’ contact information and then offering them an item to buy, or are you spending time building a relationship first? When you do take time to build a relationship, your sales grow much faster.

How Do You Do It?

It takes some thought and a little effort, but it’s possible to build a relationship with people online just as it is in person. First, you get the contact’s name. You do this by asking politely and offering him or her something of value. This sets the tone for your relationship.

Second, you tell your potential customer something about yourself. You explain who you are and how you can help the person be better, live better, or have more.  You can provide this information with written reports, audio programs, or—best of all—videos. When people can see and hear you, the relationship develops faster.

Your videos need to give real information that is helpful. The better your videos are, the more sales you’ll make.

The last step is to offer a product or service. You can invite your new contact to come to your business or buy something from you online. The product you market should be related to what you discussed in the videos or reports you sent out.

Follow this process, and you’ll soon see your business growing rapidly.

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