Don’t Stop Now – You’re Almost At The Top

Over the past several articles I’ve been exploring what good is Facebook? After all, if our activities aren’t getting us results why are we doing them?

We’ve explored in depth all the ways Facebook can help us grow our businesses. And yes I include myself in the group as Facebook definitely has helped my business grow.

Facebook can help our business grow in the three key areas of how businesses grow.

  1. Getting new customers
  2. Getting our existing customers to buy more.
  3. Getting our customers to buy more often and over a longer time period. (They stick around longer).

Now there is one more key to success when marketing on Facebook.

And that is consistency.

When you’re in front of the same people over and over again, talking to them and giving them value eventually they’re going to buy from you.

The struggle is, you don’t know when that will be. Some will be ready right away and others may take months or years to be ready.

When I look at my history, there are several people who I found, and I read their emails and looked at their websites and listened to their message for over 2 years and one much longer before I bought anything from them, and just yesterday I purchased a membership from someone I’ve been following for almost 4 years. It was finally the right time for me, and when I joined, I saw he has a thriving community.

What kept me engaged with these people over that length of time was the fact that they were consistently in front of me in some way.

And this consistency created momentum in their business.

Once this momentum gets rolling, it keeps picking up speed.

It’s like a car at the top of a hill in San Francisco that has the break on. If you take the break off it starts down the hill slowly, and if you want to stop it you can do so easily, but if you let it go a block or two, you had better get out of the way.

If one of those people who I’ve followed for years had disappeared for a few weeks or a month or longer, they would have needed to start over building up the momentum with me.

Is that happening with your Facebook marketing?

Are you getting it rolling and then stopping it and having to restart it every few days or weeks?

Develop a plan that achieves your goal, create action steps and get started. This will ensure that you develop your own system that grows your business and it keeps going relentlessly just like the car that starts rolling down that hill in San Francisco after a couple blocks.

Have a great day!


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