Is Your Facebook Marketing Making You Money?

Last week I talked about website custom audiences, one of the most powerful Facebook advertising tools. If you want to check it out again click here.

This week, I want to talk about conversion pixels, the other tool to measure the success of your Facebook marketing. And it can help you find more people like those who did what you asked.

First, let’s talk about measuring the success of your Facebook ads.

To a business owner, money changing hands is the best measure of success of any marketing or advertising I do. Is the campaign making you money is the question I always need to answer? It doesn’t matter what the click-through rate or the cost per click is or how many clicked. What’s important is how many people bought what I wanted to sell. That is the bottom line of all advertising.

However, when you’re selling a more expensive item or a product that requires a commitment of time, you have to realize that it can be a process to move a person from someone who has never heard of you to an active prospect to a customer. Click here for more details.

When you have this system designed well, you know how many people you have to connect with to attract one customer out of the group of people who have never heard of you.

Conversion pixels help you measure the cost of moving people from one stage of your marketing to another. When set up properly, they tell you what the cost was to get people to do what you wanted. This can help you judge how effective your marketing is. There are times when your first attempt at marketing doesn’t work as well as anticipated, but a few adjustments later, and it is working better than you anticipated. The secret to making this happen is to be committed to your advertising and making it work, not writing it off as a loss when the first attempt doesn’t work as you wanted it to.
Back to conversion pixels.

You now know what you can do and how much it cost you to get each person to do what you want. How do you set this up?

Navigate to your Facebook ads manager. Go to the tools area in the upper middle of the page. Choose the conversion tracking option. This will take you to the Conversion Tracking area. Click the button in the upper right that says Create Pixel.

Once you’ve created the pixel, you have to put it on the Web Page that you want to measure the results from. You need to put a pixel on every page you want to track. The page the pixel goes on is called the success page. This is the page that your prospects go to after they’ve done what you asked. At other times, the page is called the thank you page. It’s the Web page that you send people to after they’ve done what you asked. It’s critical that you put the pixel on the success page. If not, your results won’t be measured accurately.

You can reuse a pixel if you are sending people to the same pages. Facebook will track which ads people came from and report the results with the ad that sent them. This means you can send people to the same pages from different ads, and Facebook will track where they came from.

Now, how do you use this information to find more people like those who landed on your success page? The people who actually do what you ask?

The little-used secret of conversion pixels is that you can create a Facebook Lookalike Audience based on the conversion pixel. You need to have at least 25 conversions for Facebook to be able to do this for you.

Go to the conversion pixel page and choose the pixel you want to use, and at the far right of the page is the actions button. Click the arrow to the right of the button, and you’ll get the choice of creating a Lookalike Audience.

Facebook will search all of its records and find others who closely match the people who’ve done what you’ve asked.

This audience is based on the people who’ve actually been to the page you have the pixel on. We’ve found this audience to be much more receptive than average to our offer. It lowers our costs tremendously when we’re running a campaign.

Do you have a campaign in mind? The fastest way to get this set up for the campaign is by hiring me to help you. I set aside Wednesday afternoons to work with people for 45-minute sessions. We can set up a website custom pixel for your account along with devising a strategy to use it effectively. Click here to schedule an appointment.

Have a great week!

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