A Fast Way to Market on Facebook

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Using Facebook custom audiences, you can promote and sell products affordably without investing the time and money required to build a traditional Facebook community. This is a fast way to market on Facebook.

You can create this custom audience when you upload your e-mail list to Facebook and Facebook matches up as many e-mails as it can with the e-mails of those connected to Facebook profiles.

Ultimately, you end up with between 30 and 70 percent of the e-mails being connected to a profile.

If you upload 1000 e-mails, Facebook will find approximately 500 of them connected to Facebook profiles.

This gives you what Facebook calls a custom audience.

You can target these people with ads.

There are many advantages to being able to do this.

You have an audience on Facebook readily available for your marketing maneuvers.

You may be wondering why this is so powerful, as you already e-mail these people. What’s so special about being able to spend money to reach them on Facebook?

My answer to this is to examine your e-mail open rate.

I imagine it is well under 100 percent. In fact, depending on your industry, your open rate will be between 5 and 25 percent.

Many people will see your ads on Facebook and then open them in their e-mails or see an email from you and then click on a Facebook ad from you if they see it shortly after.

You also have the advantage of being seen in more places than you would otherwise. If you offer similar products in both e-mail and on Facebook, you will achieve better results on both platforms.

People who see you one time are curious, but most won’t buy or click to learn something the first time they encounter you.

Even when you’re a known entity to your list, they aren’t all open to buying from you the first time they see something from you.

They need to consider it, find a need for what you’re selling, and then they may do what you ask.

If you’re in both their Facebook feed and their e-mail inbox, they are going to wonder what’s so special about what you’re promoting. Now they will click to see what’s up.

Moreover, many people have their e-mails filtered so that many offers never get through to the intended readers.

Another issue to consider when you’re marketing on Facebook is the cost of the ads.

Normally the cost of an ad that is run to your own custom audience is lower than most other audiences.

It’s not unusual to see a high click-through rate on ads that bring you great results at a low price.

Another benefit of using a custom audience on Facebook is that you can sell products directly to your audience without having to spend as much time building a relationship.

You already have a positive relationship with your audience, and they know something about you, so that makes them more responsive to your offers no matter where they see you.

Usually you’ll find that you will get different people active on Facebook than you will through your e-mail. This is a good thing.

There is value in having fans and followers on Facebook, one of which is that they tend to respond even better to your offers at an even lower cost than your e-mail list, but it takes time and effort to develop a Facebook following.

If you want to accelerate your Facebook community growth, you can target your custom audience with a request to like my page.

This strategy has been successful at growing Facebook fans for many businesses across many industries.

There are many ways to use Facebook custom audiences.

It is one of the many tools Facebook provides that can help you profit from your Facebook efforts.

If you would like help setting up custom audiences and using them, Go Social Experts offers training for you. Also, if you like, Go Social Experts can manage your Facebook ad presence.

Schedule a time to talk with Brian by clicking here, or check out gosocialexperts.com for more information.

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