Have Fun


When people are on social media sites, they aren’t there to buy your product or service.

They are there to catch up what is happening in their friends and families’ lives, as well as to relax and have fun. If you provide some humor for them or solutions to their problems, they are more likely to pay attention to what you have to say.

As your audience grows, fewer and fewer of your customers will know you personally. Social media is a great place to let your personality show. This can be intimidating for some page owners. You might worry that your audience will not like you.

As you show more of your personality, you will attract people who do like you and appreciate what you do. These people are more likely to stay with you and buy from you over time. The people who enjoy your style of writing and the stories you tell are the core of your audience.

What are some of the “fun” things you can do?

* Find a source of cartoons like the one above. This one comes from Mark Anderson of Andertoons
* Find a source of jokes
* Find funny pictures. Images are a great way to show personality
* Quotes are popular
* Include stories from your life, and stories about your experiences
* Include other people’s stories

There is material available to you. Find it and use it to grow your social media presence.

As you find and work “fun” into your posts and communications with your audience, you will enjoy yourself more, and your followers will feel more connected to you.

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