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I’m going to extend the article I wrote last week. If you didn’t get a chance to read it, click here to access it.

In that article I talked about focus and limiting distractions to get faster results in your business.

To get better results focus when running Facebook ads.

When you try to advertise everything you offer in one ad in hopes of “something” grabbing a reader’s attention, you’re advertising to “anyone” or “everyone.”

The best results for your ads come when you advertise to a specific person. It’s best if you have a name and picture for this person. This is called an avatar.

People who identify with your avatar will resonate with what you say, click on your ad, and do what you ask.

Now it comes to the ask.

What do you want your audience to do as a result of your ad?

You have the people you’re targeting down, and Facebook can help you find them more efficiently than any other media. I’ve written other posts about this, and here are links to articles that can help you target your audience:

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Reach People Where They Are Now

What I really want to address is what you’re asking them to do.

If you ask the people you’re targeting to do more than one action, you’ll get fewer people to do any action at all.

Asking for more than one action confuses people, and a confused mind does nothing.

I know that you have a great deal to offer, and I, too, am often tempted to try and lead my audience to take multiple actions. Every time I succumb to the temptation, the results of my ad decline.

For success with Facebook ads, make sure you limit your ask to one action.

This action may be to learn more, buy now, register today, watch now, click here, or something else.

This doesn’t mean that after they’ve clicked on your ad and done what you asked that you can’t lead them down a path to other actions. It just means that you can only ask for one action at a time.

Click here for an article about a successful Facebook selling system.

This is used offline as well as online. Here’s an example that most of us are familiar with at a traditional business.

When you are in the process of buying a new car, a good sales representative works through a process like this.

First, you narrow down which car you want, and you negotiate the price. That is all that’s usually asked at that time.

The dealer will get the car ready for you, but when closing time comes, there are many other options presented to you.

Do you want an extended warranty?

Do you want paint and fabric protection?

How about some nice accessories? These vary from dealer to dealer.

How about . . . ?

You’ll notice a couple of things about this process.

First, the salesman only asks you about one thing at a time, addresses it, and then offers the next option.

All of the additional things are related to your new car. The salesman doesn’t start offering unrelated items; it wouldn’t make sense and could confuse you.

To increase your ad results, follow the above formula.

Make sure all the items you’re offering to people after they’ve done what you asked the first time enhance or improve the experience they had with the original action you offered them.

If you do this, you’ll see the results from your Facebook ads improve, and you’ll sell more products to these people.

If you are interested in help with improving the results of your Facebook ads, this is a great topic for one of my One-to-One coaching sessions. It’s a one-time session that you can purchase. We analyze your existing ads and follow up pages if you’re using them and see how to ratchet up your results. You can schedule a time by clicking here.

Thanks, and have a great day!

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