Go Social Experts, Success Formula Part 2

Go Social Experts, located in Eau Claire, WI, offers social media management strategies for Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

Go Social Experts is dedicated to helping businesses grow and strategically increase their profits by designing and implementing effective social media marketing systems.

This week and next, I’m going to finish outlining the Go Social Experts Success Formula.

Everyone who uses social media to grow their business needs certain components in order to be effective.

Step 2: Be Active—Post and respond to others. Be a real person.

You’ve got your profile built on the platforms of your choice. It doesn’t matter if you built it yourself, or if your web designer built it, or if you worked with us to get it done: it’s done.

Now what?

You may have built the most beautiful, functional profile possible, but if you’re not using it to post and interact with others, you could have saved the money and time and not built it at all.

You’ve seen other company profiles like that—you go from a company’s website to its Facebook or LinkedIn page and see only occasional activity. These sites are like a family’s seasonal cabin. When you get there, dust is covering everything. You can see signs that people have been there and occasionally spent time there—but not regularly, and it’s been a while this time. There are spider webs in the corners and maybe even some signs of a mouse roaming the cabin.

After some time at the cabin, it’s starting to look used and comfortable again. Then away everyone goes, and it’s quiet again. The dust slowly gathers, and the spiders and critters come back until the family returns.

Is your social media presence like that?

If it is, clean it up and use it, or take the links off your website and delete the profiles. Having them but not using them makes you look inept and undisciplined.

Be consistent!

Consistency is the secret to success in using social media to promote your business.

If you activate your profiles and interact with the public – and then suddenly stop- you will have to start all over again. It’s like getting a car rolling when you’re pushing it. It takes lots of energy to get started, but once it’s rolling it’s not hard to keep the momentum going.

Assign someone to do it.

The way the momentum begins is that you assign someone to take care of your social media.

Owners and managers begin interacting on-line with good intentions, but they become distracted by other activities and don’t get back to it.

A staff person can manage a company’s social media accounts as long as he or she has been trained in terms of what to do and what to post and what you expect from them. Go Social Experts offers training for your staff.

The other option can be an outside company such as Go Social Experts who, after talking with you and discovering your goals, can develop the strategies and content that’s needed to get the best results.

What is the role of your Social Media Manager?

The person or organization you have assigned to care for your social media pages is the face of your company to the world. He or she is going to post information, promotions, and other news that you’ve decided you want to talk about. This person will also interact with other businesses so that you become better known and are seen as a resource in your area of expertise or in the market you serve.

How do you know what to talk about and who to interact with?

Go Social Experts can help you design your strategy. We can help you decide who your target market is, what message you want to get to them, and the strategies you’re going to use to reach them.

This makes the difference between profiting with social media or having it be a time and money drain.

We use the “nail it then scale it” philosophy when it comes to your marketing and advertising. We work with a small budget and test various marketing methods. When we prove a method profitable and a winner, we will increase the budget on your approval.

We’re Flexible

We work with your budget and goals in terms of growth to determine the best action plan for your social media goals. We can also become an extension of your business and truly become your marketing team.

You can always increase or decrease your monthly budget at any time, and you don’t have to commit to long-term contracts when you work with us. We believe in earning your business every month. We work month to month because we want to give you flexibility.

Have a great week!

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