Go Social Experts – Success Formula Part 4

Go Social Experts, located in Eau Claire, WI, offers social media management strategies for Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

Go Social Experts is dedicated to helping businesses grow and strategically increase their profits through effective social media marketing systems.

This is the final week of our discussion of the Go Social Experts Success Formula.

All businesses that use social media to grow need certain components to succeed.

Step 4 – Increase the Number of People You Reach

While you can reach a significant number of people through organic, free social media tactics, it takes time to build connections with those audiences.

The challenge is catching the attention of new people who aren’t connected with you. This connection happens through organic social media if one of your connections points you out to their friends.

This is a slow process that depends on hope: You hope people think your content is cool enough to share.

We’ve all heard of videos that have gone viral and are seen by millions. Unfortunately, you can’t predict what will go viral. Many companies try to generate videos that will go viral, but they rarely succeed.

Hope is a poor marketing strategy.

Work with Predictable Marketing Strategies

When you use paid social media, you can put your messages in front of whoever you choose. That is powerful. If you wish, your content can be seen by thousands or even millions of viewers.

You can grow your audience quickly with this media.

You then have the chance to nurture a relationship with potential customers so that when you approach them, you aren’t merely a stranger on the street.

Compare the following scenarios:

1) You meet someone for the first time at a networking event. This person is selling something—perhaps insurance, financial planning, marketing services, or food. You chat for a few minutes, and then the person launches into a sales pitch. How likely are you to buy from this person?

2) You run into an old friend at a networking event. This person also sells for a living. You chat for a bit, and your friend tells you about a fabulous opportunity. Are you willing to listen and maybe schedule a time to talk later? Of course you are. You’ve known the person for years, and information and tips from this person have always been good.

You have the chance to develop that type of friendly relationship through social media.

Social media users don’t know you or what you do; they have no relationship with you when they first encounter you. You need to take time to nurture a relationship.

Go Social Experts can help you design a strategy that will bring people to your pages and move them toward becoming a customer. This strategy may include convincing them to visit your place of business, make a phone call, or visit a website.  Then, Go Social Experts can help you implement this system. What good is the design of a system if it’s not put into use?

We can accommodate your business needs, whether that means doing everything for you, helping with implementation, or teaching your staff members how to use social media most advantageously.

Building an audience on social media takes time and effort. Each year you work at it, you improve your marketing techniques. Your network of customer connections grows, and if you do your job well, your relationship with your audience strengthens.

You can have a successful relationship with people who are likely to purchase your services, and you can nurture that relationship until these potential customers have an active need for what you sell.

Go Social Experts can help you make this success happen.

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Have a great week!

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