Google Ad or Facebook Ad?

This is an interesting question that I receive on a regular basis from clients, prospects, and others who know what I do.

My answer is simple: It depends.

Both ads have a purpose and can be effective. Many businesses have had success using both. Google ads have been around longer and are legendary.

Facebook ads are new, and interest in them is hot. Even Perry Marshall, the Google Adwords guru, is using Facebook ads. Why?

It’s happening because Facebook ads are generating traffic. Perry says it’s similar to when Google was starting. It’s possible to get highly targeted traffic at a very low cost with Facebook ads-at least for now.

So which do you use? Do you stop using Google ads because Facebook can be cheaper?

My answer is to use Google ads when you have a product or service that people are specifically looking for. Usually these people are ready to buy. Here’s an example:

You’re a locksmith. The people who lock their keys in their cars will use Google to find a locksmith, and the company on top of the page will usually get the calls.

Facebook ads are great when you have a product or service people want but they don’t know they need. An example might be a window replacement shop showing what bad windows look like vs. good windows, or I might use Facebook ads to tell prospective clients about the training and products I offer. When people aren’t aware that you offer a service or that it is available anywhere, they won’t be searching for it even if they need it.

Facebook ads are like TV and radio ads in that they interrupt what the consumer is doing. But unlike TV and radio, with Facebook, people don’t always realize they’re looking at an ad, especially ads in the newsfeed.

There are many benefits to both Facebook and Google ads. Many businesses are wise to use both to take advantage of each one’s strengths.

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