How Quickly Can You Handle More Business?

This is my favorite question. Most people have never thought about it, but after considering this question, most see opportunities to develop their business that they had never considered before.

What business you’re in will determine how much of an issue this question is for you. If you’re a retail or product-based business, it can seem easy for you to handle more business quickly. After all, it only takes ordering more inventory and maybe adding a staff person or two to handle the surge. It may be rough on the owner or manager for a short time, but it will get easier relatively soon.

But when you’re in a service business, it may not look so easy. Using my business as an example, it would be a serious challenge if I doubled or tripled my business in a short time because my business relies on me or one of my team to help our clients. The skills we have are specialized, and we need to find and train staff. Although we can do it efficiently, there are no shortcuts, so it takes about a month before new staff members are up to speed.

I talked to a dentist with an established practice, and although he saw value in what I had to offer, he didn’t have enough extra capacity in his practice to take advantage of it. There were some opportunities to grow if he were willing to change how he operated his business, but he’s happy with the results he’s getting, so he has no need to change.

Business owners all have a pace that is comfortable for them. If they’re happy with the income they’re earning, they aren’t motivated to make the changes necessary to handle extra business.

There is nothing wrong with being satisfied with what you have. There is no requirement to expand or revise your business, especially when doing so would involve significant changes in how you do things.

So this is one question you have to consider before you make any significant changes in how you market or what you invest in marketing. When you’re operating near capacity, you’re wasting your money on marketing if you don’t have a plan to handle the extra business that should result.

I can help you decide which options are right for you. You will find that I ask you the hard questions that enable you to make the decisions that will help you find what you want from your business. Once that’s decided, I can help you put together a plan to get you where you want to go.

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