How Many Plans Do You Have Ready?

When I was starting my business, I had a plan. I knew what services I was going to offer, how much I was going to sell them for, and how many clients I was going to have.

I had many more items in my plan. That was three years ago.

I looked back at my original plan recently, and I found that my business is nothing like that original plan. In fact, it’s not like the second or third plan I created either.

What happened?

When I first created my business and plan, I thought I knew what my potential clients would like and pay for, but when I offered my services, I found out that many times they weren’t interested in what I thought they would pay for, but they were happy to pay me for other items that I hadn’t considered.

Who knew?

I had a plan, and I think we all should have one—just don’t get locked into one plan and be inflexible about changing it.

Here’s an example of another situation where one plan wasn’t working and another plan was put in its place.

I attended the final preseason game for the Green Bay Packers. The team had a game plan drawn out ahead of time, and they practiced it.

Before the end of the first quarter, they were behind 10-0, and the New Orleans Saints were dominating the game.

It wasn’t looking good.

Then the Packers put plan B or maybe plan C into play and look out! When the game was over, the score was 38-10. That was a much better final score than we might have guessed at the beginning.

What would have happened if they had stubbornly chosen to stick to the original plan? Would they have turned the game around?

What about me? Would Go Social Experts be thriving like it is if I had stuck to my original plan?

We need to have a plan before we start—and maybe ideas for plans B, C, D, or more—but we don’t have to have the alternatives totally ready before we start.

We learn new information as we go, as the situation changes around us, and as the economy changes or new technology develops.

Many things outside of your control can influence the results of your plan. As long as you’re flexible and willing to adjust as you go, you’ll find success.

So what’s your plan M, plan S, plan W?

Have a great day!

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