How to 5X your business!

Implement a great follow up system. Many studies show that the majority of people don’t buy until between the 5th and 12th contact with your business. You can 5X your business by implementing an effective follow-up system.

Let’s explore how this looks using social media or other on-line marketing tools.

Social media and especially Facebook are great tools for putting your message in front of people who are likely to buy from you. However, they can’t do all the selling for you.

The truth about social media and most marketing is that they rarely persuade someone to buy a product or service by itself. You need a selling system to make the sale.

A sale can happen if you’re selling to a group of people that knows you, or your item is inexpensive and doesn’t require an ongoing relationship, or your item solves this particular group’s challenge so well that they jump on it.

But these situations rarely happen.

You’ll find that your sales increase from these groups when you put a solid follow-up system in place for them, too. You’ll get people who passed up your offer the first time taking you up on your offer after seeing you again.

I want to share the results that one of my clients has been having with his follow-up system. We have been selling a monthly membership offering.

We’re using Facebook ads to send interested people to a landing page offering a free report about a topic their audience is interested in.

This audience is active on Facebook, and we’re getting people to click to our Web page for ten cents per click.

Once on the Web site page, a great video training is offered for free. All we ask for is an e-mail address so we can send the video to them.

The cost of getting the e-mail signup has been ninety-eight cents each for the past ninety days.

Once we get their e-mail, we send them the video training.

This is where the follow-up system kicks in.

My client has an e-mail sequence that starts working right away. Prospects get the free video and a welcome e-mail telling them what’s going to happen.

They then get three more e-mails offering them more valuable tips about what they could have if they subscribe.

The fourth e-mail asks them to subscribe to the membership program. If they don’t join, they get another e-mail offering them a free seven-day trial.

We’ve been signing people up and getting paid more than we’ve spent in Facebook ads in the first month. That means that every time someone retains his or her membership after the first month, there is no cost in marketing. All the expenses were paid in the first month.

What has made this work for this client is the follow-up series. Without it, the people would click to a sales page, then decide to buy or not.

According to what we’ve seen, most people don’t purchase the first time they see us. It takes several times of seeing our information to encourage people to leave an e-mail address and then several more contacts before they buy.

This client’s follow-up system is working well and generating sales on a steady and consistent basis.

What system do you have in place for your business?

It doesn’t matter if you use social media to market your business or not. A follow-up system is valuable no matter where the prospect comes from.
The better the follow-up system, the faster your business will grow.

Also, your system may include many different types of contact with your prospects.

It can include e-mail, direct mail, phone calls, social media ads, and other valuable incentives.

I find that many Internet marketers have good follow-up systems in place, and the most successful marketers have the best systems in place.

Currently Ryan Deiss and Digital Marketer are one of the best at this. Click here to go to their site. Be aware that you will start seeing their ads and start the process when you do.

Once you encounter one of their ads and you click on it you end up at a blog post and even if you don’t leave any information you will see ads and offers from them.

These ads and offers start with free information and lead you to a point where you are willing to give your information to them to get something even more valuable for free, and then the process starts.

You are in their system and they will follow up and work to convince you how good their products are. They are patient. You can stay in their system for months and they will keep connecting with you and sooner or later something they are offering will catch your attention.

I’m speaking from experience because yes I’ve been in their system and yes I have purchased products from them.

All businesses have a follow-up system of some kind for their business. The question is: How well is yours working? Do you stay connected with prospects for long enough for them to say yes to you?

If you want help designing and implementing a follow-up system or improving an existing one, I can help. I offer forty-five-minute coaching calls where we can design a system and get you what you need to improve sales immediately. You can schedule the call by clicking here.

Have a great week!

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