Just Do It!

We all know the company that made this slogan famous. The phrase was meant for sports, but it has meaning far beyond sports.

How does this apply to marketing?

When you are looking to grow your business, you will find many different ways to do it; many different people will be willing to teach you or do it for you.

Some of your marketing options include: TV, radio, e-mail, newspaper, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, direct mail, blogging, etc. You get the idea.

The options can be overwhelming.

The other challenge is, how do you accomplish what you need to do to get started?

Many of the above options have people you can easily call in your market who will do everything for you at no charge; you pay for the placement of an ad, examples, radio, TV, and newspaper.

Another option is to hire someone to help you get the service set up and then pay for distribution. Think direct mail.

Another option is to invest time or hire someone to create the content; then you can post it for free – think Facebook, Pinterest, e-mail, and blogging.

The challenge with many of these options is that they are going to require you to do different things. You will be setting up autoresponders, scheduling posts, changing the size of images, approving creative material for ads, etc.

There are many different strategies and tactics you may want to try. Many of these methods take a few hours to set up, and then you can use them for months, maybe even years; but you have to do the work first. At first these options may look intimidating to most, but with the proper tools and a little experimenting they are not hard to create.

These activities will be unfamiliar to most traditional business owners.

There are many tools to help you get these marketing strategies in place. These tools work together better than ever and are getting easier to use every day. There are on-line tutorials to teach you how to use the tools, and there are help desks offered from many services that all want to help you succeed.

The biggest challenge you will have is moving outside of your comfort zone to get it done. You can either do these activities yourself, assign them to a staff person, or hire an outside company to help you.

The secret to success is to do something. Remember, you will either succeed or learn something in the process.

“Just Do It” and you will see your business grow.

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