Know What You Want People to do Next

one way or anotherThis step in your use of social media is what will start converting your fans and followers into paying customers.

It’s great to be building an audience on social media. When you do it well, these people are willing to interact with you and possibly buy from you.

The challenge many business owners and marketers on social media have is that they haven’t thought about what they want their audience to do next.

What do I mean by this?

This can be many things like:

  • Sign up for an e-mail list
  • Enter a contest
  • Buy something online
  • Come to your store
  • Call you on the phone
  • Send you an e-mail

And so on.

While you don’t have to know ahead of time all the exact details of what you want your audience to do, you should at least be thinking of it.

Over a period of time you can have them do many of the listed activities.

You may need to integrate some other tools into the social media platform you are using to make this happen. There are many available to use for free, or at a very low cost.

Having an idea of what you want your customers to do next when you are working with social media will greatly enhance your success.

This can be when you are getting started with social media, or it can be when you are starting a campaign. When you know what result you’re working for, it’s much easier to design a process to get you there.

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