Little-Known Facebook Targeting Secrets!

There are many tips and tricks that I could use to talk to you about finding the perfect people to show your ads to on Facebook. The Facebook targeting options are extensive.

I could talk about where to find people who are in a certain profession, what steps to take to connect with them (but not to people who are interested in what they do), how to find all the people that graduated from a certain school in a range of years, and on and on.

There is an overwhelming number of options for you to choose from when you’re selecting your target audience on Facebook.

Then there’s the question about how large of an audience you should target. It’s amazing when looking nationwide, how many people you can find interested in almost any topic, let alone in the world. You can find hundreds of thousands to millions of people interested in almost anything you can think of.

What I really want to talk about is finding out which of the people you’re trying to reach are really interested in what you’re talking about or selling.

When targeting an ad, you have the hundreds of options to pick from. My question is, should you put them all into one ad?
I say no.

When you put several categories into one ad, you don’t know which, if any, are working.

It could be that a smaller category of ten or twenty thousand people are really responding well to your ad, but it’s mixed in with one or two million others who aren’t responding, and the whole group looks like a dud. You write it off and miss out on a hot market that was really interested in you and your products . . . but you’ll never know that.

What I do when I’m running Facebook ads is to create smaller targeted audiences. But “smaller” depends on what market I’m targeting. There are “small” groups in some larger categories that have a million people.

This is what makes Facebook so amazing. You can reach more people who might be interested in what you’re selling easier and cheaper than ever before.

Some tightly targeted audiences might be five or ten thousand people. This is smaller number, but it’s still a substantial number of people.

I create multiple ads, each one in the same campaign, but different ad sets, all targeting a different interest group. I adjust the budget according to the size of each audience and my goals for the ad.

Facebook analytics will tell me how each ad is performing. This lets me quickly look and see how each audience is doing. I can then make decisions on which ads I want to let run or increase funding to, and which ones I want to stop.

Yes, all of this takes time and work, but if you want to make a profit using Facebook to advertise, you have to do the work.

If you don’t mind wasting money on ads that don’t work, you can skip this and go on your way.

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Have a great week!

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