Make Facebook Work for Your Business

Imagine having a group of people connected to you, who want to hear from you and to whom you can reach out at any time.

Imagine what your business will be like when you can start a new service or introduce a new product and know you’re going to sell a guaranteed minimum.

Imagine how it’ll feel to have an event or sale and know that you can count on a certain number of people to show up—and even better yet, to know that this number is getting larger every week.

This may sound like a dream to you; but for others, this is what happens all the time. They have an audience. They can start a new service or introduce a product and know it’s going to sell; they can have an event and know that they will bring people in.

What do they have that you don’t?

They have spent the time, effort, and money to build an audience on Facebook, and they do what needs to be done to maintain it:

  • They post regularly.
  • They post great content.
  • They interact with others.
  • They are committed to doing what it takes to be successful.

As I talk with business owners who are struggling to use Facebook—or are even wondering if they should—the concerns that come up time and time again are:

  • Where will I find time to do it?
  • What should I talk about?
  • Will I really get results?
  • How do I make all this happen?

The first thing that a business owner or manager needs is to be committed to making Facebook marketing happen. If you’re not, it won’t get off the ground.

It does take some time and effort. Not everything will work like you want at first; it will take longer than planned; it will take more effort than you thought. But as long as you’re committed, it will happen.

The second thing that’s needed is training.

You can spend the time to learn on your own, or you can hire someone to teach you.

If you choose to teach yourself, you can scour the web for training sites, subscribe to free newsletters, find instructional books, and log in and experiment for yourself. This will work. I know; I’ve done it with this subject and with many others. If you have the time, I recommend it.

Your other option is find someone who has already invested the time and effort in learning how to run a Facebook page.

This avenue costs a little more, but the results come much faster.

What’s your time worth?

How long do you want to wait to see results?

Do you want to make Facebook work for your business?

If you are one of those who want to get results faster, I have a training webinar series starting on November 11. It’s called Smart Facebook Marketing for Local Business.

The cost for this webinar series is $97.

If at the end you don’t feel I provided $97 worth of value, I will refund all your money.

Click here for more information and to sign up!

Have a great week!

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