Market Research At The Tip Of Your Fingers

There is a tool within your Facebook advertising account that you can use to find out about your Facebook likes, your email list’s interests, as well as your current customer interests or competitor’s client interests. This is valuable market research.

You have access to this tool through your Facebook ads manager account. Ads do not have to be run to use the tool, and you can discover information about your audience that you can use on Facebook or in other advertising channels.

It’s called “audience insights.”

This tool lets you find out more about your audience than you could ever have hoped.

You create the audience that you want to find out about, and then Facebook works its magic, providing you with the information. This happens almost instantly.

You can discover all the demographic information you want, from age to gender, and it will compare your audience to all of Facebook. You can also find out about your audience’s lifestyle and purchasing behaviors.

This information leads into what other pages they like, the top page categories, and how likely they are to like other pages compared to the entire Facebook audience. This is followed up with where they live and then compared to all of Facebook.

You can see how active your audience is in online activities, such as how many pages they like, whether they comment on pages, if they share or click on ads, and what device(s) they use to access Facebook. This information lets you know if you need to design your ad for a mobile or desktop audience, and how likely your audience is to click on a Facebook ad or not. This influences what type of material you create.

Household activity comes next—you can view income comparisons to all US households, as well whether your audience owns their home or rents, the value of their property, and how many people live there.

The information also shows how your audience chooses to spend their money: do they use cash, credit cards, or store cards?

The final tab shows your audience’s retail spending as a percentage of income in comparison with the national average, and whether they are inclined to purchase online or not.

The final categories state what kinds of products they buy most often and what vehicle they are in the market to buy.

Click Here for a video tour of the audience insight tour.

What can you do with all of this information?

If you do not want to advertise on Facebook, you can take this information and find other places to reach your audience.

If you see that your audience is in the market to buy full-size sedans, you can work with car dealers who sell these to promote your business, or you can find out where these car dealers advertise and place ads for your business in the same area.

The same applies if you discover that your audience is interested in children’s products. You can advertise in the same media outlets as advertisers of children’s products, and you will be reaching a higher percentage of your potential customers, without them expecting to see your ads and without your competitors in the same space. You’ll have your best prospects all to yourself.

This information has always been available, but in the past, you had to pay 100s, if not 1000s, of dollars for this type of information, which also took time and effort to get.

Now, after one focused hour on Facebook, you’ll have information on your customers and prospects, an e-mail list, and in-depth insight into what people want. Then, you can adjust your strategy to reach more customers in a way that they find meaningful.

Go watch my video that shows how to use audience insights here. After you see how easy it is and what you can find out, I’m positive you’ll want to set aside time to research your clients and customers.

If you want help exploring this tool, and discovering what you can do with the information, I offer 45-minute one-on-one coaching sessions. In that time, we can analyze your audience and develop a plan for you to use to reach your audience both on and off Facebook.

Click Here to schedule a time.

Have a great week!

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