Marketing Is a Marathon, Not a Sprint, If You Want a Real Business

It’s relatively easy to find one hot product at a good price, put it on the market, and sell it. What’s harder is developing a relationship with your customers so they will buy from you again and again.

Repeat customers make a business. Even an undertaker gets repeat business from the families he serves.

As I talk with people out and about, and as I work with others I get the feeling that people consider marketing something to be done quickly that yields immediate results.

When marketing is done well to an audience that’s familiar with your product, this can certainly happen. This type of marketing is closer to sales. See my article here for more information about the difference between marketing and sales.

If you want to grow your business, though, you will have to reach out to people who aren’t familiar with you. This is where the going gets tougher. See my article on tough going here. You need to introduce yourself to this group, and then convince them you can and will do what you say.

This takes some work, and—depending on the price of what you’re selling—some time—but if you do it well you will create a system to consistently move these people down your marketing funnel.

Getting a system like this working is the dream of many business owners because it provides a never-ending source of new customers. You know how much it should cost to get them and what you need to do to grow your business.

Once you have the system set up, it’s an asset to you. You will always have it available to generate sales when you want them.

This is where the marathon comes in. When you get started with this process, you may spend days or weeks getting everything ready to go.

You need to be able to get your daily work done and still have the time and energy to put into marketing.

You won’t see the results while you’re doing the work. You need to keep moving forward, knowing that what you are doing is valuable.

Keep your head down and keep going. Before you know it, you will look up and have a system in place that will bring ongoing success to your business.

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