Measure the Results You Get with Your Marketing

Last week I asked if you could tell me how much business you were getting from your marketing efforts. This week I want to expand on some ways you can refine your strategy for results tracking.

You can’t improve the results you are getting from your marketing unless you know what those results are. You can spend large amounts of money and time chasing your goal, but if you’re not getting results, you are wasting your efforts.

Here are a few ways you can start developing a system for tracking your marketing results:

  • Google Analytic’s
  • Tracking phone numbers
  • Codes on coupons
  • Asking your customers where they heard about you
  • Offering a discount if an ad is mentioned when purchasing
  • Tracking clicks on email links
  • A tracking system like hyper tracker or one of many others
  • Only offering a deal in one medium (website, Facebook, email, paper, radio, TV).
  • Having an offer number on deals
  • Using a spreadsheet to track where you put each deal and the results you get from them

As you can see, there are many ways to track activity. Some are easier to set up than others. Most of these are free or low cost.

Spend the time to develop these systems. When you do, your profits will increase dramatically as you fine-tune your marketing efforts.

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