Move Prospects Through Your Marketing Funnel

The better your funnel the more customers you get.

The better your funnel the more customers you get.

Two weeks ago, I started talking about what you should expect from your marketing efforts.

And last week, I talked about generating leads, which involves finding your potential customers and the various ways that businesses do this, both off-line and online.

This week, I want to talk about what you will do with the contact information you have collected.

Once you have collected your prospects’ contact information, start developing relationships with these people. The value of your list comes from the relationships you have with all of the people on the list.

As you market and move people closer to buying from you, keep in mind the importance of your relationships with them. In the long run, that is much more valuable than an immediate sale.

What do I mean by “move prospects through your marketing funnel”? Many marketers refer to the steps that lead a prospect toward becoming a customer as a funnel.

Prospects are put into the top of the funnel, and customers come out at the bottom. It is a small percentage and there are many in the middle, but the better your funnel, the more customers you will accumulate.

The purpose of a funnel is to move all of your prospects to the next step of your process, bringing them closer to a purchase.

A simple funnel may have two or three steps. Find an interested person and show them your products. These are usually lower-cost items. You show an item to interested person and they buy it immediately.

Other elaborate funnels may have ten, twenty, or even more steps in bringing potential customers who previously have not heard of you to purchase from you.

As the value of what you sell goes up, so does the complexity of the funnel.

All businesses have at least one sales funnel; it’s how you get business. You can often convert your funnels from online to off-line businesses, or vice versa.

If you want to develop an additional funnel or improve the performance of the one you have, Go Social Experts can help. Click here to connect with Brian and see how he can help you develop more effective sales funnels.

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