Paid Social Media

Last week I talked about organic social media and why you should use it. This week I want to add paid social media to the conversation.

While organic social media is the base of your presence on different platforms, it takes time. To build a sizeable audience on Facebook, or any other platform, will take months using strictly organic strategies.

With a small budget, you can whittle that to weeks. A budget as small as $1 per day will accelerate the speed at which you grow your audience.

Paid posts and promotions on Facebook and other platforms let you choose precisely who will see your ad.

Some of the hundreds of audience choices you can make include:

  • Age
  • Income
  • Where they live
  • Jobs
  • Schools attended
  • General interests
  • Family size and ages of children
  • Gender

This lets you create ads and offers that resonate with your specific audience and help you improve the results of your efforts.

When you want results fast, the way to go is paid social media.

It takes a good strategy and execution to succeed.

You have more risk using paid social media. You not only have your time invested, but you also have money invested.

I recommend not venturing into the paid social media realm unless you have someone to help you. Go Social Experts helps businesses with paid Facebook strategies and execution.

If you do venture on your own into paid social media, make sure that you monitor how much money you are spending and the results you are getting.

If you don’t think you can afford to spend money to acquire customers, remember: If you can’t afford to spend money to acquire customers, you really don’t have a business.

Have a great week.

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